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Grandpa Came Back

Kellie, Colorado, USA
March 1998

This happened in May of 1992 all of my family and myself were at my grandma's house we were celebrating my grandpa's birthday, it was a very nice day and we were having a lot of fun. To give you a little history my grandpa had a lot of heart problems in the past ( this will be important later in the story). My mom has psychic feelings and most of her feelings have come true.

When we were getting ready to leave the party my mom gave my grandpa a hug and she said she got the strangest feeling of how sad she would be if something were to happen to my grandpa and how much she would really miss him. Well we left the party and went home and did all the normal family stuff. Then the next morning my mom and I were cleaning the house when the phone rang I answered the phone and it was my grandma she was so hysterical she said "Grandpa's dead!, "Grandpa's dead!". My mom and I were up and out the door, my grandma only lived about 3 blocks from us. When we got their my grandma was crying and screaming, my mom went to their bedroom to see if my grandpa had just stopped breathing, when she came out of the room she looked at us and said he had been gone for a while. Later that day when we got everything calmed down, my mom and I went home. On the way home my mom told me that she had a dream the night before that my grandpa had died. By the way my grandpa died the day after his birthday. To make a long story short I always visited with my grandma and she had told me that their great grandfather clock had stopped on the day my grandpa died it just stopped for no reason, she never had it looked at or had it fixed she just left it alone. A year to the date that my grandpa died I went to stay with my grandma I knew that it was a very tough time for her and I had a dream a while ago that she might try to do something to herself on that date. So I decided to stay the night with her it was right at 12:00pm I was walking down the hall were the clock was and at that time the grandfather clock chimed and started ticking again like nothing had happened. I truly believe to this day that it was just my grandpa's way of saying hi and that he was o.k.

I love you grandpa were ever you are!

P.S The clock still works to this day.

Kellie, Colorado, USA
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