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Grandpa Comes For A Visit

Dan, British Columbia, Canada
April 2001

Well if your looking for a heart stopping story this is not the one!. But it is true and if you were there you wouldn't be still wondering if there such things as ghosts.....

It started when my mother was a little girl growing up in Vancouver Canada. Moms grandpa use to like taking her for walks on a near by Grouse Mountain. On these walks her grandpa would tell her stories about Scotland and what the old country was like when he was a little boy.

Grandpa being an old Scott loved the smell of Lilacs and the trails were plenty full with patches of Lilac bushes.

As mom grew into an adult the same thing happened that happens to all of us, she became too busy with life and grew distant from her grandpa.

Grandpa died having not talked to her in a very long time and for about a week or two after his death mom would wake up in the middle of the night and get that feeling that some one or something was standing at the foot of her bed. Mom would always turn on her light but nothing would ever be there.

This went on for a short time even giving my father, a true non believer, the willies.

The last time that it happened it was the middle of winter and again mom and this time dad were awakened by the presence of a dark shape of a man standing at the bottom of their bed. Dad freaked and turned on his bedside light and the shape vanished.

The scary part of the story is that the whole bedroom smelled like fresh cut Lilacs in the middle of winter..........

We kids were never told about any of this stuff when it was going on but I learned about it years later when I told my mom about a strange thing that had happened to me at the same time this was happening to my parents.

I was up very late doing a report for school when all of a sudden our tom cat comes running from my parents room down the hallway and stops at the kitchen where I was. He looks at me then turned and looked up the hallway. He then started backing up like something was coming at him. What ever it was then went past me and out into our livingroom. The air went cold and I could feel the hair begin to stand up on the back of my neck. The cat then ran to the livingroom entrance and stood there trying to see where it went, his tail was even puffed up. I ran to my bed, I had had enough for one night.

Twenty years later mom and I pieced the whole story together and the hair on the back of my neck stood up again.......

Dan, British Columbia, Canada
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