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Grandpa Comes To Visit

Bill Clark, TX, USA
June 2001

My wife and I had been married about two years. We welcomed the news of her pregnancy. It was in Virginia Beach, VA, that she gave birth.

The birth was not going well (how could it, my wife was 38 years old). Add to this that she had never before been pregnant.

While I was with her in the hospital room, a man walked in. He was wearing a black suit. He stood over my wife, looked at me, and smiled down at her. He nodded at my wife, then walked away. The strange thing is that I never heard him open or close the door of that hospital room.

Our baby was born shortly after that man came into the room. My wife thought the newborn youngster was beautiful. I was happy that everybody had ten fingers and ten toes.

Here's the ghost story part: When I described the man who walked into the hospital room, my wife told me that it was her grandfather! When she later showed me photographs of her relatives, and I didn't know one from another, she showed me an amazing picture. I said, "That's the man that was in the hospital room with us."

It was my wife's grandfather.

Bill Clark, TX, USA
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