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Grandpa Henry

Georgia, USA
October 1999

Ayear ago my brother-in-law, Tony, was a classic type-A, aggressive, driven attorney. The last few months have seen an enormous shift in his beliefs and attitude, however. He had a client who is also a spiritual healer and after "sessions" with this man Tony has become an adept Reiki healer and deeply interested in all things spiritual. He has also honed his psychic abilities and has become pretty sensitive to paranormal activities. Quite a change...

A couple of weeks ago Tony and my sister were over at my house and he decided to "check it out" for energies. My husband rolled his eyes and went outside for a cigarette, but Tony got a white candle and went all through the place. After a while he came out and informed me that I had a "presence" in my bedroom and whatever it was, it was incredibly sad and anxious. I had no help to offer on this - I am fairly sensitive but this was new to me. Well, the conversation moved on to other topics and we didn't discuss it anymore that evening, but 2 days later he called me. He had been intrigued enough by the "presence" that he consulted with his teacher. After a little work, the teacher told him that this was my great- grandfather (also my sister's, obviously), whose overwhelming desire was to stay and be of help to his family. He said the spirit had died in a state of confusion and had never "gone to the light" and was simply desperate to make up for not caring well enough for his family while he was alive. At first I couldn't imagine which great-grandfather this was - the last one alive was my mother's grandfather Henry. He died in 1965 when I was 5 years old, and I never knew him. But then, with a rush I realized that it was him. I called my mother and asked about him and she said he had died in delirium from pneumonia at 93 years of age. He had had 11 children which he raised in poverty in the early part of the century, including the Depression. Several of his children had become ill, mentally or physically so it was no wonder he felt he had not "cared enough" for his family.

Tony's teacher worked with my great-grandfather and explained that he should go to the light, and he could come back if he wanted to, and he could be much more help to his family if he did. Apparently he did decide to go, and then returned as a sort of guide. But, he supposedly is no longer bound to just my house and is free to visit his other descendents.

The two most interesting things about this story are that ever since I moved into my house (8 1/2 years ago) I had the idea that there was an old man there. I never saw him, but I always thought there was such a spirit. I thought it might be the man who had built the house.

Secondly, when I talked to my mother she said he had always been a kindly man and when she was a child he had always called her "Penny-mite" and given her pennies to make wishes on. I have long had a personal superstition that a shiny penny, found unexpectedly was a sign of my issue of the day resolving to my satisfaction. For several days after Tony made the revelation to me, I found pennies all over my house, in many strange places.

I talked to Grandpa Henry and told him he is welcome to stay - I can use all the help I can get with my kids! I feel him around, especially when I lie down at night in my bed. He is watching and protecting. Wish I'd known him better in this life.

Georgia, USA
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