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Grandpa Jake

Kimberly Ball, Saskatchewan, Canada
October 2006

My story isn't scary but it is very true. First some history about my grandfather.

Grandpa Jake was a very family orientated man. He loved nothing more than to be with his grandchildren. He passed away in October, 2002. Our first Christmas without him was very hard and we all missed him terribly.
I sometimes hear voices of my family at night just before I go to sleep and I was desperately waiting to hear his, but I didn't hear anything for about a year. Then one night, I was having coffee with my brothers and we were talking about how much we missed him. I was feeling extremely sad and just about in tears. Suddenly I felt very warm, not unbearably warm just kind of like a warm blanket was put on my shoulders. Then I could smell my Grandpa's aftershave. His scent was very unique. I felt like I was being given a big hug. My brothers just sat there and stared at me. They said this look of peace came over me and I positively glowed. I just looked at them and said that I know now that Grandpa is alright. Ever since then, at night when I am just about asleep I wait to hear his voice and he always says "goodnight".

Kimberly Ball, Saskatchewan, Canada
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