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Grandpa Wanted To Meet Me

Patty, NY, USA
May 2003

This is a very short ghost story that I experienced at the age of 12 on my first trip to my mother’s country of Colombia. My grandfather (her dad) had past away when I was 6 years old. I had never met him and had seen few pictures of him.

We were staying in my aunt’s room for the duration of the trip. I need to explain the set up of this section of the house. Upon walking into the house, directly to your left were all the bedrooms. The first bedroom (ours) had the main door leading to the living room as well as French doors at the other end connecting to my uncle’s room. (Which happened to be the room gramps died in) in my uncles room was also the main door leading to the living room as well as a door leading to the bathroom. Kind of like a "railroad" apartment. I should mention that the French doors had filmy, very light curtains on them (to make it look pretty).

My story: It was mid morning. I’d been there about a week and had just stepped out of the bathroom into my uncle’s room. Went past the curtained French doors and into my bedroom. I had a towel wrapped around my body and a "turban" wrapped around my wet hair. I was doing my normal routine and nothing was amiss. Didn’t feel watched, it wasn’t cold, Everything was normal. I bent down to put one leg through the hole of my underwear. As soon as I did that I had this urge to look at the French doors with the curtains. Imagine my amazement when I see the shadow of a man with a bald head, short sleeved collared shirt, very pressed slacks (so pressed you could see the front creases). He was casually leaning at my uncle’s desk with his head turned staring right at me!! As soon as I saw that, he turned his head to face away from me and just slowly walked straight towards the main door of that bedroom. I couldn’t see anything past the curtains. Mind you this whole time I’m still bent over attempting to put on my panties but was completely frozen!!! Now you’d think I’d run screaming? I actually walked to the curtain and poked my head through looking directly at the main door. (the direction which he walked to) There was nowhere anyone could’ve gone in a span of like 5 seconds.

I very calmly proceeded to the backyard (undies still dragging on my ankle!!) and told mom that I needed help picking my clothes. It was then that my aunt (who’d been on her side of the house the entire morning) looked right at me and said "sweetie don’t get scared, he never met you and just wanted to get a look at you". That’s when I freaked and told my mom that I wanted to stay at my other aunt’s house.

Patty, NY, USA
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