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Grandparents Do Come Back

Marina Riley, Woy Woy, Australia
January 2004

My story all starts in summer of 1994. We were living in a huge, 2 storey house with 5 bedrooms. My grandparents lived in the rear or the bottom storey and my mum and I had our rooms upstairs. This event took place in the top storey.

Both my Nan & Pa had died with in 10 months of each other, and not in the house. It was one summer evening, and mum was downstairs making dinner. I was just getting ready to have a shower upstairs in my bathroom when I smelled the distinct smell my Nan had. (this smell is not a perfume, or any aroma caused by cooking - it's a nice, comfortable smell that I have never been able to describe, and NO ONE else I have come across has ever had this smell.) Well, being an 11 year old at the time and still scared of stuff, I BOLTED down the stairs, through the lobby and into the kitchen and told mum. she told me that it must be my imagination and came with me upstairs to investigate. (I should point out that Nan had only gone upstairs about twice in the whole history of living there and had not been up there in at least 3 years.) She told me she couldn't smell anything and she was sure there was nothing there. Satisfied my imagination had gone wild, I had my shower and thought nothing of it.

However, mum finally told me the REAL truth about that night last year.

We were driving somewhere, and we were talking about heaps of different things. Then we talked about this and mum told me that in the bathroom that night she could smell the smell as well, but didn't want to scare me even more.

I miss Nan and Pa heaps, and wish I could talk to them one last time. I did have the chance to see them before they died, but both times I didn't, and that is something I regret.

My second encounter happened in July of last year and freaked me out a little, but moreover, it mad me feel very calm. I was with my boyfriend for the weekend and I was meeting his mother for the first time up in Nelson's Bay. We got ther at about 7:30 on Friday night and had dinner with his mother and 2 other people. We said our goodbyes for the night at about 11pm and drove about 1km to where we were staying at his grandparents holiday unit. (at this point I must point out that his grandfather had died a few months before in April in Tamworth. I never met his grandfather.) This was the first time he had gone to the unit since his grandfather had died, and he was pretty upset.

We got into the unit and looked around. the unit is basically rectangular shaped, with the kitchen facing through the living room and the outside balcony. We got a drink out of the fridge (Ginger Ale - Yuk!) and went and sat out on the balcony. Since we had entered the house I was cautious not to sit in places his grandfather had normally sat in case he was sitting there. anyway for some reason I didn't ask where his grandfather sat when we got out to the balcony. I sat at the table, my back to the house, and facing out to sea.

Well, my boyfriend and I sat there talking for a while, and then I got this weird feeling of pins and needles all over my body. I didn't tell Ben what I felt, I just grabbed hid hand and held it close to me. I then asked him if he felt that and he said it felt like pins and needles! (I could also move in and out of this feeling. it was as if it was just where a person would normally sit on the chair.) I then asked Ben if that was where his grandfather normally sat - he told me yes! The feeling went away after a little time and Ben and I talked for about another hour.

Ben and I were standing inside the door one of the bedrooms when I felt this feeling again. I started swaying a little, to see if the feeling was stationary like before. It was. I asked Ben to give me his hand again. He refused, and was freaked out by it, as I told him it was exactly the same as out on the balcony. As soon as I moved out of the doorway it left me. I have never felt this feeling after that night.

Sorry it was so long, I write how I speak basically and I needed to include everything so you'd get the full picture.

Marina Riley, Woy Woy, Australia
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