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South Africa
September 1998

Iwas my Grandpa's favorite grandchild and use to call him Pops. We were very close and it took me about 2 years to get over his death. I have always in some way known that he will not leave me to be on my own. These incidents happened when I had to make a certain decisions in my life.

I was 29 and wanted to quit my job and travel abroad, but to make decision like that will influence my career and I was very confused at that stage. Then I had a dream where my whole family was sitting in the kitchen (the place where my family usually spends their time) and my Grandpa was also there. Everybody was telling me that it was a mistake to quit my job, but my grandpa was not saying a word. He suddenly got up from his chair and stood in front of me. He put his hand in his pocket and out came five brand new bank notes. Needless to say, I packed my bags and off I went. Now, while I was abroad I sort of ran out of money and had to decide to go home or travel on to another country where I have friends. I had some bad job experiences and just wanted to go home, but on the other hand, I gave up a lot to be there. Again, I could not make a decision. One morning, I dreamed that my grandpa was standing next to my bed. He looked exactly the same as when he was alive and was not a bit scared . He told me to go to the other country and I should not worry, because I will get a job as soon as I get there. When I woke up there was a bit of a chilly breeze in my room, although it was in the middle of summer, but I was not scared at all. I was actually very calm.

Well, I did exactly what he told me and believe me three days after I arrived in the country, I got a job. My Pops will always be with me and I do agree with the other writers, that love has no boundaries.

South Africa
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