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Granny's Ghost

Bridget, Illinois, USA
January 1998

When I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad would go out of town and leave me with my Granny. Her house was extremely old and very eerie. I had to sleep in her bed with her because there were no extra places. It had to be about Midnight or so when my Granny awakened me and said, "Would you look at that, Bridget, I'm scared?!" I sat up in bed. In the entrance of her bedroom doorway, there was a figure of a woman and her child. They stood there for what seemed to be forever. Then, she bowed her head and her and her child walked off into the other room. At the time, I was 6 and I have had dreams about that experience about once a week since and I am now almost 17. I know I wasn't dreaming because I discuss this experience with my Granny and she remembers. I later found out that the figure I saw was that of a woman and her child who were murdered in the house and the room we were in was the room she was killed in. And the room she walked out into was the room her body was found in. I now live in my Granny's house with my parents and two sisters. My room is the room where the ghosts walked into. My latches on my doors move up and down and doors open but it is nothing to be afraid of. I also get cold chills when I am at my desk which sits where the bed was where the bodies were found.

Bridget, Illinois, USA
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