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Granny's House

London, UK
January 1999

This store has been happening since I can remember. I am now 18 so don't pass this off as a kids imagination. I'm still not sure what it is in my grandmothers or "granny's" house.

Ever since I can remember I loved going there it was just going to bed there that made me feel uneasy. Even now its hard to go to sleep alone there and it freaks me out! There have been times where I have been there alone and started talking to myself which I don't usually do.

There are three rooms in that house I don't like, my grandmothers room, my great grandmothers bedroom and the hallway between them. I have had many weird experiences in those rooms, ghosts in the hallway and in my great grandmothers room and voices throughout the house. But the event I am about to tell happened in the middle bedroom (my grandmothers).

One night over the summer I was about 10 and my family and my cousin and I were going to Florida so we were going to stop at my granny's house, spend the night and then go to Florida (she lives in Valdosta GA.) That night we were all crammed into one little house, my cousin and I had to sleep in my grandmothers room, I will never do that again EVER!!!! It was probably about three o'clock when this happened. When we went to bed I was still afraid of the dark so I waited until my cousin was asleep and turned on a light, by then it only took a few minutes to fall asleep. Now like I said it happened at about 3:00 am that's when I woke up to a start. THE ROOM HAD CHANGED! It was formatted for the old west/little house on the prairie. There were oil lamps in the place of the lamp I turned on, the bed was now wooden, as was the walls, there was a fireplace with a roaring fire inside and worst of all MY COUSIN WAS GONE! I was so frightened I grabbed my pillow and ran in the other room and slept on the floor till morning.

Now don't judge this story just because I was 10 when it happened, I didn't make this up, I know what I saw and it scared me S**T LESS and I will never sleep in that room again.

London, UK
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