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Cambridgeshire, England
March 1999

Iwent with some friends to a graveyard in our village, to look at a grave of an old folk story icon. We could not find it, but most people had seen it before. After an hour we decided to leave, but something kept us there. I can not explain it, but for some reason we stayed there. However it was getting very creepy, you get the picture, grave yard, no-one living nearby and late at night, very scary. Nothing actually happened at the graveyard, but it was the next morning when we woke up.

We all met up at the football field and no-one could remember coming back home, all of us remember going there and feeling that there was something there. And that we wanted to go, but we were compelled to stay. If you think that is strange, all of us remember exactly that the last point was when the next day we went back, and all of us went straight for the grave, which we had been looking for the previous night. And all of us remember the last moment as being when an older member of the group fell over a tree root, then nothing. No one was harmed, nor felt scared going back there the next day. Do you know what could have happened?

Cambridgeshire, England
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