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Graveyard Drive

May 2005

I live in a small town where unfortunately, there isn't much to do. I was 19 and my sister was 17 when we had an unforgettable graveyard drive.

It was spring 2001 when my sister, a friend, and I decided out of boredom that we would drive though the local graveyard. We would often go there during the day to smoke cigarettes and sit on our favorite grave made out of marble.

It was 10pm everything was closed, so we headed up to the graveyard to sit in our spot. None of us were scared because we had been there plenty of times before, but as soon as I drove us through the gates we all started to feel a little uneasy. We passed the first set of gravestone that were on the driver's side of the one lane road.

"There's Jimi's aunts grave!" our friend pointed out. Jimi was of our friends, his aunt was murdered by her husband in front of their two children five years before. That was all my sister and I knew about since we never wanted to ask Jimi the details of his Aunt's Murder.Our friend knew, his parents were friend's with Jimi's family and had been before the murder.

We finally reached our favorite spot by the marble grave. Originally we had all three planed to get out and smoke cigarettes while sitting on top of it, but none of us felt like getting out of the car. I turned off my engine and my head lights, I remember thinking I didn't want my battery to die while we were in the graveyard at night. My car was pretty old and had a history of going dead because the connection was bad.

I was in the driver's seat, our friend was riding shotgun, and my little sister was in the back seat directly behind him. We all lit up cigarettes and started talking. There was no moon out and no street or house lights. In fact you can't even see the cars from the road because the grave yard was on top of a hill that had trees all over. I can't remember how it came up or who asked, but our friend started telling us what had happened to Jimi's Aunt the day she was murdered.

Her husband had come home from work, and they had gotten in to an argument over something. He became so furious at her that he grabbed his shot gun from his gun cabinet and shot her in the head, right in front of their two children. She died instantly.

As he was leading up to the part where she is shot in the head by her husband, when something rubbed up against the side of the car causing it to move slightly from side to side. We were all frozen from fear. I asked what it was since it was on the passenger side of the car. Neither of them had the slightest idea or could see out in the dark. Maybe a minute passed before we felt a small thump on top of the car and heard what sounded like finger nails being dragged across it.

No one needed to say anything we all knew what it was and I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. I remember being so scared to turn on my head light because of what I might see. We drove out of the graveyard and to a local gas station that had plenty of light around it. We talked about how dumb it was to have been telling that story at the place they laid her to rest, and that she probably didn't want to re-live that moment. Our friend said he could tell my little sister was scared because she was breathing really heavy during the story and was gripping his shoulder so tightly. She said that she had been scared but wasn't breathing heavy and had been leaning up against the corner of the car in the back where the seat and door meet, too far to reach his shoulder. As if the experience wasn't scary enough for us without knowing that. We never went back to the graveyard after that night, but we all talk about that story when we get together.

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