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Graveyard Shift (June 03)

Jonno, WA, USA
June 2003

OK, this story actually happened to my brother. Most of it is true, but I did throw in a twist to make it more interesting, and I'll let you know the fictional part when it comes. I'm telling this in first person from my brothers point of view. (Events true, emotions ACCURATE)

I got off work around 1:30 one night after busting my tail off for my slave driver of a boss (then again who isn't a slave drive)and was walking to my car when my daydreaming mind was interrupted by two strangers. There was one guy and a girl , the guy was wearing the kind of clothes stereotypical high school jocks would wear (lettermans Jackets & Jeans, the Jacket was black so I didn't know what school they were from.) and the girl had a white blouse & black skirt, and she was around 5'8'' with blonde hair down to her shoulders. The guy, around 6 feet with brown hair, green eyes and whittled facial features asked if they could have a ride back home because their friends ditched them and they didn't have anyone to call. Maybe it was the stupid werewolf senses that people get to be nice at night, but I accepted.

They both sat in the back of My white '92 integra and just said "go to highway 522". Highway 522 was the most dangerous one in Washington but I wasn't worried because I've driven it many times and knew the road.

As we drove the highway, little cracks and potholes rolling under the headlights, they asked me to pull over. I did so and let them out, and they walked into the woods. A little odd but I could live with it.

The next day I went out there to see what was there, pulling over at the same mile marker, walking into the woods. I must've been there for near an hour but found no signs of thinning trees or nearby neighborhoods. The only thing I stumbled upon at first was an overturned VW bug, molded & rusted by time.

(Fictional addition)

I came home after the search and turned on the 11 o'clock news. Hey, there was nothing else on anyway. I nearly screamed when I heard two serial killers had convicted a murder last night at my work. They matched the description of the two I drove home the other night. I ran to my car and opened the trunk, and found a bag with something inside, I didn't need to open it, I already knew who it must have been. I had to get rid of it. I took the body and drove down to the same spot. On my way, unfortunately, I spotted something on the road while I was going 85. It was a leather article of clothing with black fabric on the outside of it. As soon as I hit it, my left tire skidded and my car swerved into the woods, breaking the brambles, and before my fatal crash was delivered I saw an overturned VW bug getting closer to me, realizing why highway 522 had so many fatal accidents

Jonno, WA, USA
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