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Great Aunt Suzie

Brandy, CO, USA
October 2002

Hi! This is my story, and I promise it is true. So here it goes:

Five years ago, doctors found that I have Diabetes. My mom was very sad. She was also very scared, because if I have a low blood sugar I could pass out. And she was very afraid I would not know I had a low blood sugar and that I would pass out.

Well the first time I had a low was when I was sleeping. And I had a dream of a lady telling my to wake up. (NOTE: Bombs could go off and I would sleep through it. LOL) But I woke up, and when I sat up I felt like someone was 'pushing' on my shoulders. ( My blood sugar was 65, which is very low.) The dream and the 'pushing' I didn't think much of it.

And every time my blood sugar went down I got that 'pushing' feeling on my shoulders. And the dreams kept happening and waking me up to a 'pushing' feeling and a low blood sugar. So I being myself I got curious. So I told my mom what the lady looked like. And after I was done, she showed me a picture, a picture of the lady in my dream telling me to wake up! I asked her who she was, and she said, " Your Great Aunt Suzie."
"And why is she doing this, this the dreams and the pushing on my shoulders?"
"Well she died from Diabetes."
" Back then they didn't have blood meters and other stuff like they do today."
"Oh, so, so maybe she doesn't want to see me pass out."
"Honey, she watches over you, and I know it."

So every time I have a low blood sugar and she warns me I say ' Thanks Suzie'.
I know this isn't scary but I wanted to tell everyone how much Suzie means to me, because I could be very messed up, if I pass out a lot.

So really Suzie is saving my life. On that note I would like to say one more thing before I end my story, and it is Thank You Suzie.

Brandy, CO, USA
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