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Great Grandma

Lauren Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA
September 1999

This is just one of my relatives that I have seen.

When I was about 12 (I am 19 now) I was sleeping over at my grandmothers house. It was about 9 pm and I was playing games with my cousin in my aunt's bedroom. I got thirsty so I decided to go downstairs to get a glass of milk.

My grandmother has a closed staircase with an assortment of mirrors on the wall facing the stairs.

I was walking down the stairs and all of the lights were off except a night light my grandmother lit at night in the kitchen over the stove.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I just happened to glance at one of the mirrors that reflected the kitchen. To my utter horror, there was a tall woman wearing blue clothes in the kitchen. I had never seen this woman before.

I just froze, knowing it was a ghost being that she was semi-transparent. As I looked on, the apparition turned, looked at me, smiled, then vanished.

I never got to the kitchen for that milk because I screamed bloody murder and took off up the stairs and under the covers of my aunt's bed, not to come out till she came home.

The next day, after relaying this story to my grandmother, she pulled out the family photo album. At the turn of a page, I was faced with the woman once again. Not as a spirit, but as a smiling young lady standing in front of that very house in an old photograph. My grand mother then told me that this was my Great-grandmother who had died before I was born.

I have seen this spirit many time after, never to be scared again because I know that she is Birdie Morehead, my Great-grandmother, watching over me, happy to see her Great-granddaughter.

Lauren Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA
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