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Great Grandma and Papa

Vanessa Lewis, NC, USA
October 2008

My name is Vanessa Lewis and the only proof i have for my story is me and my kids.....

We lived in South Carolina at this time. My husband was working when we recived a call from his dad saying we needed to evacuate due to Hurricane Fran coming in. So we packed up our then 1 and 2 year old children. We headed off to Virgina not knowing we ran head first into Fran. We got to his grandparent's home in Spotyslvania, VA. This was my first time meeting his grandparents and i was nervous as my husband was a grandparent's boy. Grandma went by the nickname "Shorty" She had asthma badly. She was a very fiesty lady and I loved her right away and she and her husband fell in love with my kids. We were told that my kids had the run of her house and i was not to punish either one for reaching and climbing on her couch for her bell collection. Well we had a great visit but it was time for us to return home. It wasnt but a day later we were called by his dad telling us that both grandparents had passed away about an hour after we had left. That night i put my kids to bed and said our prayers and kissed them and left the room. I guess it was an hour later both of my kids were sitting up on the bed laughing mad hiccups and all. I went into the room and in the corner of the room was two round blueish orbs, my kids pointing at them and laughing. I looked away it was gone and my kids laid back down asleep. The next morning i asked them what was so funny in their dream and my son looked at me with a huge smile on his face and said "oh momma not dreams that was grandy and papa tickling us" that was the last i heard of this and nothing since and my husband said that was the one wish that his grandmother said was to meet her great grandchildren before she passed away and she did. Sorry that was so long but i thought you could get to know the love that these great grandparents shared with my family.

Vanessa Lewis, NC, USA
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