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Great Grandma Came to Visit

February 1998

It all started the night my dad and I were watching Poltergeist The Legacy. At the end of the show, my dad said he had to give my aunt Donna a ride and back. So I said o.k. Then I went to bed. At around midnight, I heard this woman singing a lullaby that my dad says that his Great Grandmother sang to him. The sound was coming from the living room. So I went to the living room to see what it was. I thought about waking up my older brother but he would just call me a sissy.

So I went to the living room and there was this woman I saw in lots of family photos. I knew what to do. "I am protected by Gods White Light and if you are an evil spirit I command you to leave!" I shouted. Oh yeah, the lady had a hand knitted sweater on and a long purple dress. She had short white hair and it was curled up at the bottom. She looked like a human only she was see-through. Then she said "go to sleep" and I passed out.

That morning I found myself in the same spot. Oops. I guess I got to scared. I peed myself. So that's about it. I think that that lady came just to make sure we were all right. Now, I think of her as Caspers mom.

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