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Great Great Great Grandma

Sue Goodier, UK
May 2002

First a bit of information about myself (this is relevant. When I was born my parents couldn't keep me and so i was put up for adoption. when I was 5 my mother left my father and moved somewhere else. From then on things went downhill, my father made me do housework in order 2 earn the money to pay for my lunch at my school and I hated it.

One day, quite recently, I noticed that our vacuum cleaner kept falling over of its own accord and that wierd fingerprints kept appearing in the dust. A friend of a friend knew about these kind of things and he came to my house. he told me that there was a poltergeist in the house that seemed to follow me around. he told me a way that i could contact this poltergeist and left.

As I prepared to contact the spirit I felt a strong motherly presence in the room. when I was ready I started talking to the poltergeist. She (for it was a she) had a very interesting story to tell. She had been a housemaid for Jake Goodier and he had fallen in love with her. She had died giving birth to his child, who he then brought up himself. thats child was my great great grandfather. She also told me that her name had been Becky Atkinson but had changed to Goodier when she went to work for him. She said that she had been a normal ghost until i was born, then she was sent to look after me in a strange family. It wasn't the house she was haunting, it was me.

Now me and my great great great grandmother talk to each other a lot and she helps me and keeps me company in trying times.

Sue Goodier, UK
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