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Great Uncle Chaulky

Brandi, OH, USA
February 2003

I actually cannot say that I have witnessed these encounters, but they happened to my mother in our old house. The stories always scared me, scared me so bad that i didn't want to stay in my room.

So, here goes.....

We lived in an old house in Pennsylvania, an old farm house, not a very big house, but big enough. My mother inherited the house from her Aunt Anne, whom my mother had loved. Anne and Chaulky had lived in the house for some years, and they loved it. One night when Chaulky was out, Anne lit his bed on fire. They lived in seperate rooms, though I always wondered why. There was a big burn hole in the floor, and my great grandfather repaired it with newer boards, so the color of the flooring was off.

Well, when my parents moved into the house, they put their bed over the hole, for my mother was embarrassed to have the off colored circle shown. One night, when my dad was sleeping, around 10 p.m., my mom heard a THUMP from upstairs, and heard my dad screaming. My mother bolted up the stairs, and walked in to see my dad ghostly white. She asked him what happened, and he replied " Something grabbed me. " My mom was confused, and asked "What grabbed you?" My dad explained that something grabbed his leg and dragged him across the bed.

There are more encounters.

One day, my dad was heading off to work, and he couldn't find his keys. He usually kept them in his lunch box, but today they weren't there. So, of course, he blamed my brother, being 4, and 4 year olds play tricks. My brother kept saying that he didn't take them. My mom said that they would just do the "old trick" and leave the room, and that whoever took the keys would just put them back in 5 mins.

They all left the room, my brother went to his room, and my parents sat in the front room. My father was getting anxious, and he decided to walk into the kitchen and see if his keys were back in his lunch box. Of course they were there. My dad called my brother down, and asked him if he put them back. My brother said he was sleeping, and that he hadn't come down. This scared my dad.

When my mom was pregnant with me, she told me that every night at about 3 a.m. she would hear a knocking at the front door. And every night, she would come downstairs to an empty front door. One night after it snowed, my mother figured that she would see the footprints and find out who was bothering her at that time. And that night, again at 3 a.m. the knocking occured. My mom came downstairs, and opened the front door, and found no footprints.

There are a few more occurrences, but I will save them for later. Hope you enjoyed!

Brandi, OH, USA
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