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Green House

Kate Colombo, NY, USA
July 2000

Back in 1991 when I was 6 years old my family and I moved out of a small town house and into the little green house on Walzer Road. The house was small, built in the mid 1940's by a man (none of us recall his name) for his wife Edna. Edna's husband died before the house was finished and Edna lived there for a long time after her husband died. But then Enda became too old to live by herself, so her daughter put her in a home. That's when we moved in.

My Sister Amanda was 16 at the time and my brother Anthony was 1. My brother of course was too young to remember anything that happened at the time, and nothing ever really happened to my sister. The main person things happened to was my mother. My father would occasionally hear the noises too...

The first encounter my mother had was when we first moved in. She was sitting in the livingroom by herself watching T.V. All us kids were in bed and my dad was at work. As my mom sat there she felt as if someone was standing behind her. She turned swiftly and saw a shadow. Thinking nothing of it she continued to watch the T.V, but only to be disturbed once more. She thought it was me, that I was the one standing behind her. So she yelled at me to get back into bed. She got up to check on me and of course I was sound asleep. This continued to happen to her, even though my mom told the lady to please stop. She didn't stop. My mom still saw her and felt soft breezes and smelled her perfume whenever she walked by.

The lady must of really liked my mom because she took one of her shirts to!

On several occasions my mother and father would hear footsteps on the stairs late at night and they were the only ones who heard them. Also on several occasions we would hear old fashioned music playing. And my mom kept hearing someone call her name. Then one night when I was just about to fall asleep when all of the sudden my little radio clicked on by itself. I just sat there a few seconds looking around, then I just shut it off.

Another night I had this doll of mine sitting a my laundry basket because I didn't like it. It made noise, lit up and moved around and I just thought the thing was ugly. So I was laying in bed when suddenly the doll started moving around in the basket! I thought it would stop but it didn't! I jumped out of bed and started screaming and my mom came in to see what was wrong and the doll had stopped moving.

My last experience was in the summer. I was sleeping on the extra bed in my parents room because they had air conditioning and I awoke out of a sound sleep to see someone going down the stairs. I thought it was my dad so I looked back at my parents bed only to see both my mother and my father sound asleep! That really freaked me out.

In 1996 we moved out. My mom is still convinced that the house was haunted. She never did find that shirt of hers either. I thought it was pretty cool living in a haunted house. Oddly enough those experiences didn't really scare me. I've always been interested in ghosts and hope to someday have another encounter with the supernatural.


Anyway we're pretty sure it was haunted by Edna's husband, but we're not sure who the lady was because Edna was still alive. I wonder if the people living there now have had any experiences...

Kate Colombo, NY, USA
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