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Green Lady

Meleta Lankford, Texas USA
April 1997

I was 10 years old and living with my parents and younger sister in a fairly old house in North Texas. My sister and I shared a bedroom. The room had three doors. One went out onto a porch, the second into the living room, and the third went into a hall. The hall had four doorways. There was a closet across from our bedroom door. The other two were my parents bedroom and across from it a bathroom. There were several large windows in our bedroom, so the room was always well lit from the street lights, and we never needed to turn on the light for night time trips to the bathroom.

One night at about 2am I woke up (I never knew what woke me) and saw a woman who I thought was my mom walking into the hall from my parents bedroom. I could not see her face, but she had red hair and wore a floor length white nightgown just like mom. I sat up in bed and asked, "are you ok mom?". The woman turned around to face our doorway and started towards me. It was not mom. The woman's face had a greenish glow to it, and I was overwhelmed by the evil I felt coming from her. Being a typical 10 year old, I started screaming so loudly that I woke the entire house. I didn't see her disappear, just my dad charging into the hall. I was so frightened that I was hysterical. This really shook my family since I was always the calm and quiet kid in the family. From then on, every night at 2am I woke up to see the "green lady", and even though I never called to her the woman always turned towards me at which point I would start screaming. It got so bad that my dad couldn't even stand to be in the house alone, and we ended up moving only a couple of months later. It's the only time in my life I've ever seen my dad creeped-out.

Seventeen years later I went to visit some close family friends who had moved into the house. We sat and talked and laughed about old times, but I never said a word to them about the "green lady" and I didn't go into the hall.

Meleta Lankford, Texas USA
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