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Green Lady and Other Stories

Christina, Scotland, UK
December 2003

Where I live, there is a big glen behind my house, with a horses field right up the top. There are three areas to the glen, the top, middle and bottom. My 1st story takes place in the horses field.

Last year, myself and two friends were sitting in the horses field, just having a laugh. I looked up and I saw this guy coming towards us. He was quite old, is his 60's with a walking stick. He spoke to me, he asked if I'd seen his dog. I said no, that I hadn't seen any dogs. One of my friends looked up and asked who I was talking to, then the man asked her, and she said no. Then my other friend, who was lying down behind us, asked who we were talking to. We both turned around to ask him if he'd seen a dog that belonged to this man. When my friend sat up, he asked "what man"?. When I turned round, he had gone. From where we were sitting, we would have been able to see if he had gone down the path or down the back.

Two years before, the burn had flooded, and a dead dog came floating down.

My second story, takes place at the rope swing in the Glen.

Deep, deep within the Glen. In November 2002, myself and two friends, Gemma and Rachel, were at the rope swing. This is a stick down the bottom Glen where you can swing out over the water. Suddenly, I started breathing faster, and my head began to hurt. We were all positive that no one was in any other parts of the Glen as we would have seen them. But we started hearing our names being called, twigs and stones were thrown at us, and a branch broke off just above our heads. We all looked around the Glen, looking to see if anyone was there. That's when I saw it. A green thing darting behind the trees and bushes. I said to Rachel and Gemma that we should go. So we ran out to our den, just before the entrance to the Glen. When we got there, Alisdair, Ryan and Craig were sitting on the tree. I asked them if they had been up the Glen. They said "yes". We asked if they knew we had been in there, they said they had only been up for a couple of minutes to see the horses. I asked if they had snapped any twigs. They said no. We think it was the Green Lady.

The green lady, is a woman who used to live in Craigowen House with her husband and their dog, just up the road from my house. Supposedly, many years ago, the green lady's husband had killed her, then their dog and then himself. It is said that he burnt the dog and his wife up the Glen and that every night after 9pm, she wakes up, and tries to find her killer. Which takes me to my next story...

That same day, the boys went home, and all of us three went over to get Alanna and Pamela. We went back up the Glen. It was only about 6.00pm, and wasn't very dark. We went to the centre of the Glen to go on the rope swing, that's where Alanna carved our initials in the tree. It was Pam's turn to go on the rope swing but she said she didn't want to because of the way I had pushed Gemma out over the water. So she went exploring. Pam began to wander down the water, she had just got to the entrance when she screamed and came running back up to me. She was crying and yelling. I managed to get her calm and she said that there was a man down there. When I looked down, I saw a man, head to toe in blood, covered in a black robe. He threw the robe back and his body was all burnt. Alanna and Gemma looked down and went pale. Then Rachel nearly fainted. So I grabbed Pam and we ran out of there. We haven't been back up since.

It is said that when you are young, like 4 and 5, you have a good connection with the other side. I was lying in bed when I was 3. I was and still am a heavy sleeper, but I had a feeling that I needed to wake up. When I sat up in bed, there was someone at the end of my bed. I could see right through her. She turned round, and she was an old lady. She smiled at me, and I smiled back, she pointed at something in my room, and then she left. The thing she was pointing at was my closet door. When I got up the next morning, I opened the door and there was an old clown toy that scared me. Ever since I sawn that old lady, I have had very good connections with the other side, as you can probably tell by my stories. I have reason to believe, that the woman I saw, was the green lady, just telling me that she was there, that she knew what scared me and that I had to find her.

They Return

You may remember me from writing about The Green Lady, but there is more to the story than previously told.

It seems that no matter where I go, the Green Lady seems to follow me. As well as my great grannie. I occassionaly go to a youth club held at one of our local churches. My cousin Kelly (11) and our friend Nicola (11) usually go every Saturday night at 7.30pm. There are quite a lot of us and some of the kids who go there are really snobby and stuck up, but anyway...

This one night, we were all really angry, because when we were playing football in the main hall, the group leader gave a penalty to the opposing team, when it was really ours. So, we kinda walked out the church, headed down the car park and hung around outside the toy shop for about 10 minutes. When we left the church, we sat on the stairs, but then we seen a shadow coming down the back road towards us. We watched it, and then it disappeared. The way it was walking it looked like a man, so we got freaked and bolted it down the car park. Nicola turned round and said ' Christina, look, that is really spooky. If you look up at the bellfry.' so i looked up and it was spooky, but everything is at 8.00 mid-winter, because it is really dark. So anyway, we carried on through the carpark and headed out the gates, and turned towards the toy shop, next door. We were going to go to our friend (and relative) Gillians, but she wasn't in. We sat on the bench next to the church gate and then we seen the figure again. So we decided we weren't scared and walked up towards it, before we had even reached the first car it disappeared again. Kelly decided to go back in, but me and Nicola sat on the steps outside, as we were too busy laughing our heads off.

About fifteen minutes later, we got cold, and Nicola needed the toilet due to all our laughing, so we went in. I hung about in the corider, next to the radiatior, when i smelt burning flesh. It was rotten. So i moved away from the radiator up towards the doors to the main hall. Where the youth club is held, it is right at the back of the church, so we go in the side door as the main doors are locked, but there is a small door leading towards the main church area (where services are held). I had a feeling inside that i wanted to watch this door (which happened to be open). As i did, i seen something walk from the service area towards the toilets. I began walking towards the door, then got the fright of my life when Nicola tapped me on the shoulder! So we began talking about ghosts,poltergeists and all things ookie. Then it got cold. The radiators were freezing, the side doors were closed and the lights were flickering. We just stared at each other and began to laugh, figuring it was our imaginations. But secretly, i knew what was happening. It always happens, whenever i talk to someone about the Green Lady, she seems to turn up, and wander about, following me. She's like a permanent stalker. Then everything went quiet, the lights stopped flickering, the radiators heated up, and Nicola stopped laughing. She looked at me, or so it seemed, but she was looking past me, to the side door. I turned around, and there was something looking at us. We began walking towards the service door, and the thing followed us. Moving slowly towards us. It looked so familiar. I couldn't place where i had seen it before, then i remembered, the Glen! It was the burnt man from the glen. We decided to wait for Kelly outside, but it was too cold so we went back in. And that was in January. I haven't been back to Youth Club since and i haven't seen nicola either.

Christina, Scotland, UK
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