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Green Marks

Pennsylvania, USA
January 1998

This very creepy story that did not happen to myself, but to a friend's mother when she was younger.

As it happened many years ago, I cannot verify the exact truthfulness of the encounter, but I will tell it the best that I can remember. We were on a bus, and Amber's mother and another lady were talking about the paranormal, and she related this story:
"When I was in high school, I had a friend who died in a car accident. Since he was always driving drunk, it was kind of expected. At the funeral, I sent sort of message to him, to tell him to try to contact me. About a week later, I found that every time that I touched my door, green marker scribbles would appear on my hand. But when someone else did it, nothing happened. It happened every time, and one day I found that the sleeve of my favorite shirt was covered with this green scribble. No one could have played a trick on me, because my mother had just washed it. It just kept on happening, and I didn't know what to do, until one day my sister asked, "Well, what was his favorite color?" "Green," I said, and after that it never happened again. Except once, on my wedding day, when I was twenty-one. And that is what I can remember. I also heard that every time a person dies, and you ask them for a rose, it will happen.

Pennsylvania, USA
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