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Green Woman, Little Girl & Flying Lights

April 2006

My house is just your average 1930's house, not particularly old, not in a scary old haunted town in the middle of nowhere. Although the town I live in has been around for over 1000 years, (it is in the Doomsday book) as far as I know there are no urban legends or anything of the sort surrounding it.

On with the story.....

I have been living here for almost 2 years now. To begin with, everything was perfectly normal. One night, however, about 5 months after I moved in, my new boyfriend had spent the night with me, we had watched TV and I had fallen asleep in the middle of something. He had let me sleep, only shaking me awake to say goodbye and that he was leaving. I fell straight back to sleep, but something woke me up. Looking up, I saw a woman, probably early 20s, glowing a strange green colour, walk away from the window, past my bed and out the door. Being pretty shocked, I guessed I was half asleep seeing things. I picked my mobile phone up and checked the time, it was barely 5 minutes since my boyfriend had left. Strangely, I had little trouble falling straight back to sleep. Now, I don't know if this is usual or not, but I regularly dream of being pinned down, not being able to scream and something being in the room with me, strange lights filling the room that I can't move to find the source of, and other such things related to sleep paralysis, within 5 minutes of falling asleep. It feels as though I have slept for hours, but is in reality minutes.

Anyway, a short while later, I was woken again, and surprised to see my boyfriend on the end of my bed. He pointed at himself, and said "It's me, that's me" It was then I realised I could feel my mobile vibrating, and while I searched for it he disappeared. It was, just as "he" had said, him on the phone, texting me to ask if I had watched him leave out the window. These last few minutes had sure woken me up, and I replied that no, I hadn't I was asleep, why? To which he replied a girl had watched him drive away out the window. Now, beings as when I had seen this woman walk away from the window was minutes after he had left my bedroom, was it her watching? I don't know, I have never seen her since.

Another thing is, regularly I will walk into a room and see green or red lights flying across the room. Now I try to write these off as reflections, but there really is no way that they can be, there's nothing for them to reflect off, and if it was a light outside, surely it would be white like car headlamps or orange like streetlights? Anyway, it doesn't scare me, just interests me. Also, we regularly smell smoke floating through the house even though the only member of the house who smokes would be out at work at the time. Smoke is also seen floating through the house, although it's always just a wisp. Very strange.

Finally, the front door is heard opening and closing quite a lot. Only in the day though! This, I always wrote off to imagination, until a few weeks back. I had just finished work, my early shift which is 7am-12 noon. I came home and logged right onto the computer. I sat here surfing the web as usual, and heard the door open, then close, someone open up the cupboard under the stairs where we keep all our shoes, then a voice that sounded just like my mum saying "shhh!" then "go on then, go get her" coupled with a voice just like my nieces laughing and giggling, then calling my name real quiet. So I check the time, thinking it is impossible, as my mum doesn't finish work for another hour and a half, and my niece won't be dropped off for the same amount of time. I look outside for cars to see if my mum just finished early, not that she ever does, but no, no car outside. I did not go and check to see what made the noise I can tell you!

I also had a dream once about a middle aged man in the bathroom, he was cleaning up, and while I don't remember exact details, I have the impression he was a very nasty man who had done something not nice, but what I don't know.

Did I dream the reason this house seems to have such a lot of disturbances? Or was it just a weird dream? I haven't a clue, but I would love to find out.

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