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Greetings From Iceland

Thorsteinn L. Helgason, Reykjavik, Iceland
October 2001

My father works at the air traffic control here at the Reykjavik airport. He designs and fixes hardware for the glide-slope beacons, which are tiny sheds, most often three, containing instruments to guide the airplane to the runway, via the glideslope-beam.

One night in the winter of 1984 my father was on emergency duty and got a call regarding a beacon at Keflavik international airport, about 20 miles from Reykjavik on the Reykjanes peninsula. At that time the Iceland international airport was inside the US Navy Base, the airport has now been moved a little to the west.

That night the weather was terrible, there was a blinding snowstorm when my father and his coworker headed out. The beacon was at that time on the northern tip of the peninsula and to get to it they had to take a road that led them down to a beach.

After driving on the beach a while, talking about the task ahead they suddenly saw two figures right in front of the car. My father who was driving, slams the breaks on and they both got out thinking they'd hit somebody.

Looking around and under the car they find nothing and hurry back into the car. They both confirm what they saw to each other and head on, really spooked.

About two minutes later a silhouette of a man and a child appeared in front of the car and again my father hits the brakes. They rush out and take a look, not really liking this situation and like before, find nothing.

At this point the storm was subsiding and they just decide to hurry on to the repairs and check things out on the way back.

They found no trace of anybody but themselves being there that night.

The morning after, my father and the other guy bring this up during a coffee break. One of the others then tells them that this same thing happened to him once when he went out there during a snowstorm and he saw the very same thing. He told of how he was alone and he saw something three times. So he did a little research and found out that sometime in the 1500's a ship that was coming from Denmark sailed right into a huge storm around there and sank (Reykjanes peninsula is one of the most stormy areas in Iceland).

Well that was not all, on board the ship were mostly rich people and when their bodies washed up on the shores they were robbed. Now some of the bodies had been in the water for some time so the robbers hat to cut some of the jewelry off their fingers and from other parts of them. Therefore they roam the shores in that area on stormy nights looking for their stolen parts.

I might add that the Reykjanes peninsula is supposed to have more ghosts than the whole country combined according to Icelandic folk lore. So with all those storms and nothing but lava and ghosts, that makes a pretty scary place.

Greetings from Iceland...

Thorsteinn L. Helgason, Reykjavik, Iceland
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