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Grey Lady at Hayling Manor

Hampshire, England
June 2000

Several years ago, I was asked by my partner (in my business) to guard the main entrance of Hayling island manor, for one night. Several other guards were around the site with me. When I arrived there he told me to phone up on the hour to submit a report. It was a cold night so I stood in the foyer. I had just made my first phone call to Roger, it was 2 o'clock. I looked inside at the huge hall in the manor. Suddenly I saw what seemed like a female figure walking down the stairs. Startled, I ran outside, slammed the huge oak doors shut and jumped in my car. I revved up the engine, ready to drive off, then I thought it's just my imagination! I was ready to go back in. To my horror the grey figure suddenly came through the door! I put the car into drive and sped off Hayling Island, not stopping at all! At 6 o'clock a.m. I returned. No sign of the ghost.

Several weeks later Roger asked me to guard the entrance again. I started giving excuses. Roger then said: "you don't want to go, do you!" Roger knew about the ghost as it had been reported by his guards. When they were riding around the grounds their bikes would freeze at the same point each time.

It turned out that 100 years ago the wife of a sugar plantation owner died on the day they moved into Hayling Island manor...

Hampshire, England
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