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Group Home Ghost

Angie, CA, USA
October 2000

Sometimes a ghostly experience happens to you without you even knowing it until you speak with others. This happened to me back in 1989.

I was working as a counselor for some developmentally disabled adults in a large two story house. It was about 9:30 pm and I was finishing up some paperwork. I saw out of the corner of my eye something blurry but sort of white/grey come out of one of the rooms and run down the hall. I thought it was one of our autistic clients who liked to go to the bathrooms only to flush the toilet. The funny thing was, I didn't see this "blur's" feet touch the ground and the movement was very fast. To describe it would be like saying it "streaked" out of the room. My reaction was automatic. I jumped up and ran after it. I yelled out "gotcha!" but I became aware that I was in a home with "sleeping" clients. There was nobody in the bathroom and I checked all the rooms. Everybody was asleep! I felt sort of foolish, but went back to my paperwork.

When we had our next staff meeting, it was brought up about the "phantom." apparently, others have seen it as well. Overnight staff would not turn any of the lights out. They had a feeling of being "watched" or had seen the "phantom." One time early one morning, I saw one of the doorknobs of one of the rooms turn and go from a completely shut to an open position. There was nobody in that room to do this... I never found out any history of this house and I stayed with this agency until they closed it down in the early 1990's. I wondered if this ghost had gotten a big kick out of my running after it. It's good to know that some may still have a sense of humour...

Angie, CA, USA
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