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Growing Up In A Haunted House

March 2003

When I was a little girl I lived in a haunted house. There were a lot of things that happened, too many to tell you all of them but I remember some things clearly and would like to share some experiences.

I don't really know when it started, I just know it seems like the house always had something there. The house was built brand new and my family were the only people that lived there so I guess it could have been the land, although I don't know the history behind the land.

Things were always disappearing, some things would be found and some were never seen again. There were always cold spots that moved from room to room, even in the summer time.

We lived in Texas and even though it gets very hot there we didn't have air conditioning, so the cold spots were not from that. The whole family felt the cold spots and we also saw a dark shadow in every room, mostly at night but sometimes in the broad light of day.

My brother said something pulled the cover off his bed one night and hid them in the closet. He woke up cold and found the cover in his closet.

It would call my mothers name at night and she would get up to check and everyone would be asleep and no one would be there, no one that she could see anyway, but she said she could feel it.

My brother ran into a friend of his and asked him why he had not been to our house to see him. His friend said he would never come back to our house. When my brother asked him why he told him this story: He said he came by to see my brother one day on no one was home so he sat in his car to wait for my brother to get home. He said as he sat there a man walked out from behind the house, he was dressed in a black robe and had a black hood over his head. My brothers friend, thinking it could be my brother just trying to scare him, just sat in his car waiting for him to walk up to the car. But he said as the thing got half way to the car he noticed he could not see a face beneath the hood, and as it got even closer he saw two red glowing eyes in the hood but there still was no face.

He said he then got really scared and started the car to leave, but the car would not start and the thing was almost at the car. He said the car started just as the thing was almost to the window on the drivers side. He backed the car up as fast as he could, turned it around and drove away. He said as he got to the main road and stopped to see if any cars were coming before he pulled out of the driveway, he looked back to see where the thing was and it was standing there, where the car was, and looking at him. The red glowing eyes still the only thing he could see beneath the black hood. My brothers friend never did come back to our house.

One more thing that was really weird, we lived in the country, in a small place that had only about 40 people in the rural community, it was in the middle of nowhere, the closest town being 35 miles away and being in the country there was a large amount of wildlife of all kinds, including a lot of birds.

We lived on a hill that was the tallest point in the whole county, but there were never any birds in our yard or anywhere else within the five acres that my parents owned.

My mother still lives in the house but she is alone as all us kids have moved out and have homes. My father passed away in 1986.

She says she still feels whatever it is and will see the shadow from time to time and sometimes it still wakes her up at night calling her name, but she is used to it and said it never bothers her other than things still disappear.

There are still no birds in the yard.

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