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Guardian Angel?

Michelle Bier, Pennsylvania, USA
July 1998

My husband and I bought our home in June 1994. Our oldest son was only 2 months old at the time. When our oldest son was only five months old, I found out that I was pregnant again. So, being that I had been having dizzy spells, we drove down to my sister's house and brought my oldest niece back with us so she could help me out for the summer.

Well, a few nights after Morgan came to stay with us, I got up in the middle of the night to come downstairs and get a drink. I happened to look into our living room, and there sat Morgan, all huddled up in a ball on my couch. I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me with terrified eyes,"I heard someone knocking on the television screen." Well, I just brushed it off as her imagination..but still I told her to come upstairs with me and sleep on the floor in my bedroom. That was the first incident that occurred in our home.

Our youngest son was born in February of the following year. So, now I was taking care of a newborn and a 10 month old. Still, nothing else happened......that is until 1996. It all began one evening in the living room. My husband and I were watching a movie. He was sitting on the floor in front of our couch. I was across the room on a chair. And our sons were asleep on the couch. Most of you know how kids are...some of their toys hadn't made it into their toy box that night. Including a cowboy toy that was about 8 to 10 inches tall. ( I know some of you know the one I'm talking about.) Anyway, we were really engrossed in this movie. The cowboy toy had been lying on the floor in our kitchen, which is only a few feet away from the living room door. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fly through the air. It hit my husband in the chest. He quickly stood up and asked me if I had thrown something at him. I told him that there was no way I could have done this because I was sitting the whole way across the living room. I explained that if I had thrown it, he would have gotten hit from behind. He looked down to see what the object was..and there was that cowboy toy on the floor where he had been sitting. Well, things stayed quiet for a few months. Then it picked up again that summer. I have a huge counter top in the kitchen. Sometimes we would witness cups or plates moving by themselves across the counter top. They never hit the floor though, Just stayed on the counter top. When I'd be alone at night in our living room, on occasion, I would hear a small voice say,"Mommy?" When I would turn to see if it was one of my one would be there. Soon, I started understanding WHY no one was there.

At this time, my oldest son was around 2 and a half. His brother was about 1 and a half. The older boy would be talking to the he was actually having a conversation with another person. He would giggle and everything. Not wanting to urge him to continue this, but being a curious mother, one day, I asked him who he was talking to?. He could only say a few words at the time. But he answered, "The boy." In the middle of the night a few weeks later, my husband caught me talking in my sleep. He said I told him about a little boy who always sat on our stairs. I started getting the picture then. Someone wanted his presence to be known. One afternoon, not long after that..I was putting clean clothes away upstairs in my bedroom. My boys were asleep downstairs on the couch. Well, I went into their bedroom to put something away. When I entered my room again, my husband's dresser drawer was hanging wide open. I know, I did not do it. Trying to brush this off, I walked past the kids bedroom door to go downstairs. But as I did this, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the figure of a young boy inside of their bedroom. He was just standing there in the corner of the room. My husband began being awakened out of sleep by little pranks. By the way, my husband is not the kind of man who was ever to believe in ghosts. One night he was awakened to the sound of someone pounding with fists on all 4 of the walls in the bedroom. Another night, he awoke to feel the comforter being tugged on at the foot of our bed. The last night that anything happened to him, he shook me awake. He whispered to me, "Do you hear that?" I listened closely.....the sound of toys being played with in our sons room had awoken him this time. I slowly crept towards their bedroom door. Being that their lamp was always left on in there....I could see that the boys were fast asleep in their beds. The noise happened once more...but no toys were lying on the floor anywhere. The next incident happened to me. One night, my youngest son woke up with a fever. I gave him some medicine and sat on the floor beside his bed. I was rubbing his face and hair, trying to comfort him back to sleep. I whispered,"It's okay, sweetheart..go back to sleep." All of a sudden, a music box that they had in their toy box started to play a few notes of a lullaby. My son went back to sleep right away. This really touched my deeply. Now knowing that the ghostly child I had seen was a kind of protector for our sons.

A month later, I was sitting in our living room once again...both boys were in bed. I heard the sound of something falling down the stairs! I ran to the kitchen and looked to the bottom of the stairs, only to find that no one was there!! Whatever it was even knocked down the baby gate that we kept at the bottom of the steps. I began having visions of a small boy accidentally falling down the stairs and dying. Someone was definitely trying to get our attention. Well, we decided to have the stairway remodeled. The old paneling was torn down, the old carpet was ripped off of the steps..etc. After the old carpet was taken off, my husband pulled me aside and said,"Look at those steps.." I looked at them and saw that almost each one was ready to split down the middle. If stepped on hard enough, someone would either end up in our basement or with a broken leg. My husband and my dad pulled the old steps off and put all new ones on, put up new wallboard...everything. We redid our hallway in April this day, we have had no more ghostly disturbances. I really think that the boy was a kind of guardian angel..sent to warn us that someone was going to get hurt if something wasn't done about our stairs. In a way, I miss him. I don't know if my husband would feel the same way though.

Michelle Bier, Pennsylvania, USA
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