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Guardian Angel (1)

Jenn, Ontario, Canada
April 1997

It is very rare to hear of a ghost that does good deeds, but this was the case on December 4th 1989.I was off at school when this all happened, but it was all very real as my mother has restated her true guardian angel story to everyone a countless number of times.

My mother did a lot of sewing in our little neighborhood in Surrey, British Columbia and we knew everyone around, so when one of our neighbors phoned her up and asked her to help make some curtains, she didn't hesitate. The little girl that she was babysitting had fallen fast asleep on my bed, so she left her and continued across the street. She was about halfway across when something urged her to go back and get Sophie (the little girl she was babysitting). She walked back, got her and continued on. My mother just left the door unlocked as Surrey was a safer place then than it is now. She never bothered to bring keys, because there was no point. About an hour later, she was finished hanging the curtains up, so she grabbed the still sleeping little tot and went back across the street when she noticed that the large front window of our home were black and that she could hear popping sounds coming from the house. She walked up to the front door and tried to open it, but it had been locked from the inside and she could not get in, but she had never locked it. She persisted, but could not pry it open. Smoke began to come out of the windows of the house, so she tore off across the street to call 911.

She explained what had happened to one of the firemen afterwards and as it turned out it was an electrical fire due to the toaster blowing up (laugh now) and that if she would have opened the front door that there would have been a backdraft and she would have been killed. She had originally left Sophie in the house and she too would have died from smoke inhalation.

My mother truly did have a guardian angel that day and she still tells the story to anyone who doesn't believe.

Jenn, Ontario, Canada
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