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Guardian Angel (2)

Sara Hatton, Missouri, USA
September 1999

On Friday I left work at 12:15 a.m. I stopped to put gas in my car and then got onto the highway for my 45 minute drive home. I was about twenty minutes from home, and although I was in a hurry to reach my destination: bed, I was still taking care in my driving, maintaining a safe three car length distance from the car in front of me.

Having worked at a bar for three years I am well aware of the dangers posed by drunk drivers after midnight on the weekends. Suddenly, my car engine died, the lights were still on and the radio was playing, but the engine just shut off, I started to coast to the shoulder of the highway, causing the cars behind my to slow dramatically. Almost simultaneously, the car in front of me made a sudden, sharp lane change trying to exit the highway. Unfortunately, there was a eighteen wheeler already in that spot and the car clipped the truck's front bumper with the corner of his rear bumper, sending him spinning and then flipping into my lane, finally settling two or three car lengths ahead of where my car had stalled. If my car hadn't died, his car almost certainly would have landed on top of me, and the cars behind me that had slowed down in response to my pulling over would more than likely ended up smashing into us and each other.

After the police arrived and all of us gave our witness statements while an ambulance arrived to remove the dead man from the car in front of me, I got into my car, put it in park, and it started right up.

The next day, my husband took the car to the garage to have it checked over, but other than needing new break pads the mechanic could find nothing wrong with my car. He had no explanation for why my car had just died like that. I have my own theory. I believe I have a guardian angel who stopped my engine that night, saving my life and possibly even the lives of those in the cars behind me.

I guess it's not really a ghost story, but it is certainly the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me, and the only explanation I can find seems to lay in the supernatural.....

Thank goodness for ghosts!!

Sara Hatton, Missouri, USA
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