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Guardian Angel (3)

Nikki, NSW, Australia
January 2004

A few years ago, a friend of mine was on her way back from work. She crossed on a main road at the pedestrian crossing of course as it was peak hour. She saw a young man with short brown ruffled hair, tall and dark, crossing a little further up. He made a run for it but got hit. She ran to get help and called for an ambulance. He died. But before he had, he'd said, "Thankyou, I will repay you..." and he closed his eyes and his heart just stopped. My friend started crying, as if he'd been a close friend of hers. The ambulance took him away and for a few short months he was forgotten.

Since that time of the accident her parents had decided they were gonig 2 move house. Now this was during the summer of the Christmas bushfires. Her family were all watching the news of the bushfires while she was in the bathroom. She was washing her hands and then suddenly she heard a three knocks on the bathroom door. She called out "I'm in here." and the knocking stopped. She walked out into the hall and into the living room at the back of the house. She'd asked if anyone had knocked on the door and no one had. She was sure that they were playing tricks on her but whenever she returned to the front of the house where the bathroom was, she'd feel a coldness come over the place. She ignored this, one too many times.

A few days gone by and nothing had happened. Once again she returned home from work and this time had forgotten her keys. She decided that she'd go in through the back door which was easily broken into, as they'd been robbed a number of times. She made her way down the side of the house and all around the back of the house was the kitchen, living room and dining room. The kitchen had windows all around it so you could see right in and right out. She looked in through the window to find a young man at her sink washing his hands, turning around and disappearing. She was so shocked to find this that she just ran back to the verandah, sat on the ground and closed her eyes until someone else came home.

For the next few days she was feeling really down and kept waking up at night crying for someone. She wasn't herself. During the middle of the day this girl's mother had come home after shopping and coming out of the garage to go in through the back she saw the very same man, walking down the back path and just turning into mist and rising up into the air. She dropped the groceries and ran into the house and just hid.

The moving house plans were back in action and the family couldn't be happier. Hearing the stories of what has been happening frightened them all and the sooner they got out the better.

The bushfires still raging, her parents went up to the new house in mulgoa to finish painting the house. They were cleaning the garage just before their some what predictable fate.

My girlfriend, sitting on her lounge petting her rabbit, was told something very strange. She tried to get up and when she attempted to she was slammed back down again by what felt like very strong hands. Something said to her, "Don't move stay where you are." She was so overwhelmed by this that she screamed and the feeling of being held down faded away. An hour later the police came to her door saying that her parents had gone to hospital for smoke inhalation. Her parents had almost been killed in the bush fires.

A month later they were all settled into their new home. She had a dream of the man that got hit by a car. All that he said to her was, "I told you I would repay you. Your parents are alive. Thank you for trying to save me, but it was just my time. I am your guardian."

She woke up the next morning very calm and content. She understood now that it was the man she'd tried to rescue that had been warning her, who'd been in her house, who'd said that he'd repay her for her troubles. And he did. He saved her parents. He saved her life, for the past, present and future.

He was her guardian angel.

Nikki, NSW, Australia
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