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Guardian Angel (4)

Mytch, ACT, Australia
August 2004

This is not much of a ghost story but it is true.

My youngest brother was a very handicapped young man that needed constant care and medication. From the day he arrived members of my family noticed that something else seemed to have arrived at the same time. We never named this person, but we recognised it as something that seemed very real.

Jamie was a very high maintenance young man, but of a very wonderful disposition, which made us believe that the man that kept appearing from the hallway that led from the kitchen to his room had something to do with him.

There is a shadow that lives in the hallway, it is totally benevolent, but it always seems to turn up when Jamie is under stress. This shadow has not only been seen by his brothers and sisters, but most exclusively by his mother, as a shadow we perceive out of the corner of our eye. However my mother is a foster mother who looks after many young children, all of which have observed this particular phenomena.

This phenomena went on for 24 years up until the day Jamie passed away. Since the day of his passing, this shadow has not been seen since.

Make of this what you will, but other strange occurrences have hapened since the passing of Jamie; things that were purchased to make Jamies life more comfortable (keep in mind he was bedbound and severely handicapped), the next day simply ceased to function i.e Jamies DVD player, my electric scooter I used to travel on to look after him. This did not just affect things he liked e.g a toy that Jamie never liked which was taken by a friend as memory, has given her severe nightmares while it was present in her bedroom.

As a quiet point, the ghost, we assumed was Jamies guardian angel, is justified by the fact it hasn't been seen since his passing.....

Mytch, ACT, Australia
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