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Guardian Angel or What?

Jackie Reed, TX, USA
April 2002

I have read just about every story on this site and decided I should share a couple experiences with everyone. Mine may not be as scary as some I have read, but for me they definitely creeped me out!

The first experience was when I was around 17 years old. Back then I had a bad track record when it came to dating the wrong kind of guy. I had been briefly involved with this one particular creep. He dumped me because I "wasn't that kind of girl" if you know what I mean. He then proceeded to tell his new girlfriend that I was trying to make advances towards him one night, when nothing could be further from the truth, and that if she really loved him she would fight me. Anyway, my best friend and I were out "cruising" one night, (it was a small town, not much else to do on a Friday night.:)), when we happened to run into this creep along with his new girlfriend and a bunch of his other friends. They started chasing us, yelling profanity at me and trying to get me to pull over. I have never been the kind of person that has ever been involved in any kind of physical fight and am not too "hip" on how to handle situations like this. I was trying to lose them, but being a young driver at the time was not about to break any speed records. My friend and I became quite frantic when I heard her yell, "Turn here!" I did just that and we finally lost them. I pulled my car over, trying to get my bearings, and told my friend, "Thank you for telling me to turn off that road. I didn't know what to do!" My friend gave me a strange look. "I didn't say anything, Jackie." I said, "Sure you did. I heard you yell plain as day, 'turn here!'" Well, not only did she deny that she told me to do that, she never heard a thing. To this day I believe that that was my Guardian Angel looking after me. That's what I hope it was anyway.

My next experience was the one that will forever give me chills just thinking about it. My boyfriend, now husband, and I were in his very small apartment one evening. We were embracing and talking dirty to each other, as lovers often do:), when I heard my boyfriend say, "Oooh, baby!" I asked him why he said that in such a sinister voice and he said he didn't say it. He heard it, but denied saying it. My husband is the kind of person that does not believe in the supernatural or paranormal, and believes that those sort of things can some how be explained. He thought maybe he said it, but forgot that he had. I find that hard to believe. How could anyone forget what they just said seconds beforehand? The voice was very deep and sinister sounding. Not like my husbands voice at all. And it was right there with us, not coming from outside his room! After that night, I didn't spend too many late evenings at his apartment again!

Thanks for reading.

Jackie Reed, TX, USA
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