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Guardian Angels

Chelle Mockridge, UK
December 2001

I have always had a feeling about ghosts and have always been interested in other people's stories. I had never experienced anything myself until about 4 months ago.

I regularly stay at my boyfriend's house and it was the same this night. We would get in from going out with our friends, have a drink and a chat and then go to sleep.

During the night I woke up and saw a figure walking or moving across the room. Thinking that it was just Martin and that he had got up to get a drink, I rolled over to his side of the bed, only to find him next to me fast asleep. I felt a bit freaked out but thought that I would look up and see if the 'figure' was still there and it was. It was sitting at the top of the bed, right by Martin's head. I thought I was imagining it but the strange thing was that as you sit on the far side of his bed when the curtains are closed, there is a gap and you can see the light from the street lamps coming through. At this moment in time though I could see the shadow of someone sitting there. I was terrified so rolled over and forced myself back to sleep.

I explained to Martin what had happened in the morning but he just told me that I was being silly so I just dismissed it as my imagination and tried to forget about it.

About a month ago though Martin and I went out with our friends and decided it would be easier if we stayed at their house that night so after we had turned the television and lights off we went to sleep. As there wasn't enough room on the sofa for both of us, Martin decided to sleep in the armchair opposite me.

I woke up about 3 hours later and looked over at Martin, only to see the same thing again, a figure sitting by his head. This time I got a better look, it was the shadow of a man with a bald head. I thought I was imagining it so I closed my eyes and thought that if I closed my eyes it would be gone, but it was still there. I called for Martin, without looking over, and asked him to come over and sleep with me so he did, but told me that I was being stupid and to just go back to sleep.

I thought I would take one last look over there and it was gone. I felt relieved and thought that it must have been my imagination, but I closed my eyes, opened them again and it was there again, staring at me. By now Martin was asleep and I didn't know what to do, so I just closed my eyes tight and hid until I fell asleep.

I knew this time it couldn't have been my imagination again but our friend told us I was silly and to forget it, but this time I couldn't. I tried to explain it but this time there was no easy explanation. I asked Martin if any of the members of his family that were dead had a bald head. He told me yes and that it was his grandad. His grandad who had died just before he was born and didn't get to see him.

Now I can't explain this and I don't know if anyone has had the same experience but I feel that maybe it was Martin's guardian angel. I am too afraid to look at a picture of Martin's grandad just in case it was him, but I will one day when I have a bit more courage.

Just to finish I have another little story I would like to share which is about my dad.

My dad is very skeptical about ghosts and doesn't believe at all but when he was younger him and my grandad were walking through the graveyard in Hawkinge which is nearby and where a lot of my relatives are buried. It was about 9am on a Sunday morning and they were just walking along the path when all of a sudden they looked around them to see bare fields and no graves. My dad says that as quickly as the scenery had disappeared it came back. He said the birds all flew and they were back in todays age. They both saw it and this is the only thing that my dad now believes in, being able to go back in time for just a second. Does anyone have any explanation for this or had anyone had a similar experience to this?

If anyone wants to ask any questions please feel free to contact me, also I would be interested to hear any similar experiences to these.

Chelle Mockridge, UK
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