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Guardian In Our Old Adobe House

ELena, NM, USA
April 2005

Well, it all starts out when I first got married. My husband and I decided to renovate his grandfather's old adobe house (well over 100 years old) mainly becasue I like old homes and feel they have a lot of character. Anyway, we renovated the house and moved in. We changed the makeup of the home. We would enter into the kitchen, then it was the living room into a small hall, our daughters' room, then the bathroom to the right another small hall and then our bedroom, which used to be the original kitchen, this will make sense later.

It all started when I would wake up at night and see something floating on the ceiling in our bedroom. At first I thought I was imagining things, but I kept seeing it. It was a shadow image floating and it would always float into the hall. I never felt threatened or that it was evil, just freaked out. I would be sound asleep and then for some unknown reason I would just suddenly wake up and see it floating over me and up to the ceiling. My husband was always asleep dead to the world. When I would wake him up, he would be groggy and wouldn't see it. My cat would also sleep on my bed and would always meow when it was there, so at least I knew he saw it too.

Well, I had my first child and I never felt as though she would ever be in danger becasue I didn't think my daughter would see it, even though I saw it almost every night.

Later on when I was talking to my husband about the shadow image and how I thought out house was haunted, our daughter told us that she saw her. And I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me that she would see her when I was giving her a bath. I asked her, "See who?" and she would tell me she would see the lady with a flower dress over my back going into my bedroom. See, our bedroom used to be the kitchen when the grandfather lived in that house.

My daughter explained that she would see her quite often. We lived in that house for ten years. We've been out of there for three. To this day, my daughter still says that she used to see her all the time. My daughter also said that she would see her in the room where her and her sister slept. She would see her at night, but she never told me until I brought it up. She said she would get scared sometimes, but not really. Now my daughter is 11 and she thinks that it's really cool. My other daughter said she would sometimes see a shadow.

One day that I was talking to my mother-in-law that I thought the house was haunted, she told me that when they lived there they would hear things. She also told me that my husband's grandfather's first wife died there. So I do know that I say it's the first wife that is in the house. I feel that she always watched over me and the kids. It's as if she was our guardian, for whatever reason and I know she's there.

It's been about three years that we have moved out. We pass the old house every day to our new house. Once in a while we have occasion to go into the old house because we still have stuff stored in there, we talk to her and thank her and tell her we haven't forgotten her. It's pretty cool. Me and my daughters all enjoy and believe in ghosts.

Sure hope you enjoyed my story.

ELena, NM, USA
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