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Guardian Reaper

Barbara, Colorado, USA
March 2001

I was 19 at the time that this happened to me. I lived with my boyfriend, Carl, in the basement of my sister's and brother-in-law's house. My first born son was about nine months old at the time.

For a few days before this happened, I kept feeling like someone was watching me...but whenever I would turn around, no one was there. I was alone in the house, each time that I felt this presence...even though it was in the middle of the day, and summer temperatures were in the 90's, I would get terrible chills, enough so to cause me to immediately go outside - both out of fear, and for relief from the cold drafts I felt. On one occasion, I thought I smelled roses, though there were no roses anywhere around. To say the least, I was on edge for several days...very nervous and jumpy, and no matter what I did, I just couldn't shake the feeling that something, or someone was standing very close, getting closer, close enough to touch me, if it wanted to, and watching me, making its' presence very clearly known. And of course, it was always at a time when no one else was home, which was doubly frightening. I mentioned these experiences several times to my boyfriend and my sister, because it was really beginning to get to me, but I could offer no real explanations for what I was experiencing. Neither could they. As each day passed, the presence grew stronger, it seemed, and kept getting closer, and more often - I began to seriously fear that I was about to be visited by a ghost, and was terrified to stay at home alone. But the presence never seemed to make itself known in the evenings, when everyone was home, only daytime, when I was alone. So needless to say, I began to dread being at home during the day.

And then one night, when Carl and I were both sleeping soundly, I thought I heard a man's voice, telling me to wake up, he wanted to talk to me. I ignored it, thinking I was dreaming, and fell back into a deep and blissful sleep. But pretty soon, the baby began to cry. I really didn't want to get up, I was so tired, but I knew my son wouldn't go back to sleep on his own - he would just cry louder and louder, until he woke the whole house up if I didn't go take care of him. The only way he'd stop crying and go back to sleep was if I got up, fed him, changed him, and rocked him back to sleep. That night, I couldn't seem to wake up very good, though, so I sort of groggily stumbled my way to the light switch by the bedroom door, not really paying attention to much around me. That is, until I reached for the light switch. At that moment, as I put my hand out to flip the switch, I came face to face with something like a more than five inches from my face, was another "face" staring back at me, very ominous, and very "aggressive" in his stance towards me - he sort of "towered" over me, in an intimidating fashion. Confused by what I saw, I thought a burglar, or intruder of some sort had broken in, and terrified out of my wits, I stumbled backwards hastily, never even having the chance to flip the switch on...all I could say was..."what the f---?!", and "who the h- -- are YOU?!"... I scrambled back to the bed, jumping on the bed and over the top of Carl, screaming and crying at Carl to wake up, "there's somebody in here!"... Of course, Carl jumped up like a rocket, saw the presence, and immediately reached for the nearest objects to throw at it, while screaming "what are you doing in our bedroom?!" "Get out!", and with that, he threw one of his boots that was by the bed. We both watched as the boot went through the "person" and hit the wall behind him. All I can remember saying is, "Oh, my God, did you see that? It went through it, Carl!" and I started crying.

Carl's face was one of horror, and he then picked up a book from the nightstand, and threw that at it. Again, the book went through the thing standing there, and hit the wall behind it. At that moment, Carl jumped up, stood on the bed and we both began frantically to try to jerk the window open... but it wouldn't budge! (We had never had a problem opening that window before, and afterwards, we checked it again, and it opened as smooth as ever!) Carl screamed at me to find something to break the window with, but I was terrified to turn around, and see where the thing was next...I seemed to be frozen, where I just simply could not look behind me...and then, all of a sudden, I got the feeling that it was talking to me, in my head, where only I could hear it. Carl continued to scream at me to help him break the window, but I just turned to him and told him, "no, if it was going to hurt us, it would have already done so, and would not have woke us's trying to tell me something...a warning"...and then I understood, it was not there to hurt me, but to help me. I slowly turned to face it, still very, very scared...Carl did the same. As we both turned around to look at it, it told me it was there to warn me of a danger coming, something was going to happen soon, beware...and then we both watched as it just sort of was very weird, the way it "disappeared" first, like a mist, part of it dissipated, and then, suddenly, what was left, just simply "blinked" out... and it was gone. Carl and I were left standing there on the bed, shaking like crazy, and Carl asked me "what woke you up, anyway?" My answer?..."Oh, my God, the baby...he's not crying anymore!" and I bolted into the baby's room, only to find him sleeping peacefully, still in the same position I had laid him down in earlier that night. I checked his breathing, woke him up to be sure he was okay, but all seemed well and fine... so I was really confused about the visitor - and why had I heard my son crying, when he really hadn't been crying? The "ghost" had looked almost EXACTLY like the "Grim Reaper" supposedly looks...hooded cloak, brown or grey, extending over his face, tied at the waist with some sort of rope or sash, carrying some sort of sickle in his left hand - on this, Carl and I both agreed we had seen the same thing, but I had seen something more...his "face" up close, under the hood. His "face" had been a huge, endless black hole...two eyes, similar to lights, or stars, blazingly white, and all the rest was like looking into deepest space imaginable...a feeling I will never forget, to see something so profoundly "endless" and engulfed in the "deepest darkness" is the only way I can describe it. Like looking at the entire Universe through one small hooded cape.

Needless to say, I was shaken, deeply...and very concerned about the warning of impending danger. Carl and I became the "joke of the day", when we told others about it - the more details we gave, and the more we tried to convince others of what we had seen, the more we were laughed at. They passed it off as "crazy" and too far-fetched to believe. But three days later, the Grim (Guardian) Reaper's warning took on a whole new meaning... for then, that which he had warned me of, happened. I will spare you some of the grim details, but I was kidnapped at gunpoint three days later...taken to a rather deserted place, and among other things that happened, the man seemed to be debating whether or not he should kill me. He said he feared that I would go to the police, and if I did, he would have to kill me. Of course, I told him I wouldn't, and I prayed fervently, but the thing that stuck in my mind the most was that I remembered the "Reaper's" visit three days earlier, and his apparent "desire" to warn me, and possibly? protect me, so maybe he would protect me at this time. It was all I had to cling to - the Guardian Reaper. As I thought of that, the man seemed to suddenly know what to do, and he left then, and did not try to kill me. Later, when the police apprehended him, and was able to positively link him to other serial crimes (strangely enough, he lost his wallet at the crime scene - a very lucky break for police investigations!), they told me I had been the only victim to escape without serious injury. I was also the first victim to get a conviction on his record. To this day, if people ask me, "do you believe in ghosts?", I have to say, YES, because I do believe in ghosts...I have seen one, face to "face", but I'll never know for sure, if it was really the Grim Reaper I saw...or a Guardian of some sort - perhaps a Guardian Reaper?

Barbara, Colorado, USA
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