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Guarding Wings

April 2000

The story takes place in Germany during the 1940`s.

The family of my husband owns an old castle in Bavaria (Germany) since the 13th century. There are many ghost stories about this house in the long series of years. None of them are malevolent, most of them are simple appearances, some are even protecting. It is a very beautiful, although quite weird place (not least because of all the stories that are told).
The great-grandmother of my husband had a strong feeling for the paranormal, the majority of stories are her experiences.

One night she was sleeping in her old tester-bed, with heavy timber-beams, when she suddenly woke up from a noise that sounded like the wing of a bird. She rose, in order to turn on the lights and to let the bird out of the window, could however discover nothing.

Short time later she heard the wings again and this time it landed on top of her bed. Again she got up an the moment she was out of her bed, the heavy timber ceiling of her bed broke down!!

In the years of WWII, when the house was full of refugees and it was nothing special to meet someone unknown, she saw a monk on the stairs around midday. He just passed her and she thought nothing about it. The next day she received the sad message, that one of her sons had died in the war the day before. 2 years later she saw the same monk again and this time she noted the time-of-day. Later it turned out, that her husband had died, exactly at this time in the war.

In the 1980?s her youngest grandchild (my husbands aunt) married. Afterwards all the family sat down in the library talking about the ceremony, when suddenly the old heavy iron door opened and after a few seconds closed again silently. But there was nobody! And the most remarkable thing was that there was no sound! Immediately everybody tried to open and close the door silently, but it made a sound every time they tried (as usual). It was as if somebody wanted to give his congratulations to the couple.There are much more occurrences in the house, a man in black coat and hat has been seen by many different people, sounds are heard in several rooms. But they live in peace with it. Only their guests have a little problem with it some times....just as I do!!

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