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Guide To The Afterlife

Adrian Padden, Glasgow, UK
March 2004

First and foremost, I didn't experience the following my mother did. She is not prone to fancy and at first I thought she was kidding with me. However she is not a liar and always tells the truth (old fashioned upbringing lol) and she got quite angry when I suggested she was winding me up.

I am 19 now and the event took place when I was 7 and my sister was 3.
We had just moved to a new house in a smallish town called Bishopbriggs near Glasgow, Scotland. One night my mother was ironing in her room and watching some TV, it was quite early but being winter it was already dark. Now she was in her room and my sister and I were sleeping (we shared a room next door to hers). At about nineish she said she packed up the ironing board and was putting some ironed clothes in bundles (for appropriate rooms) onto the banister which overlooks the stairs going down to the front hallway. when she looked over she saw a very tall, well built man dressed all in white wearing what looked like a leather jacket and a white Stetson, so she didn't see his face. He began his ascent from the foot of the stairs and when he got about half way up he began walking on the spot and moved no further up. My mum had been frozen to the spot until this time, then she ran into our room to check on us. We were sleeping soundly so she returned to the stairs and the man had vanished.

She was pretty shocked as you could understand.

The next day she was at my grans house telling my gran about what she had seen. She left my gran's for work but later in the afternoon she received a call from my sisters nursery saying that my sister had taken ill and they were going to call an Ambulance, and could she meet them at the hospital. Now to get the severity of this my sister was burning up, she couldn't recognise anyone, was vomiting etc. She ended up in Children's Hospital for several weeks and had bone marrow and blood and all that kind of stuff taken out and put in. Finally she healed up and was fit to come home after several nerve racking weeks.

It was at this point my gran realised who it was my mum saw on the stairs the night before my sister took ill. It was a spirit guide coming to take her to Heaven and its significant that he was stuck half way up the stairs as it showed how my sister wasn't ready to die but that she was teetering on the edge of doing so. Had he got to the top he would've taken her to the afterlife.

When I heard this it basically re-affirmed my faith, and made me unsure of my stairs to the point that I ran from by bathroom to my new room for about 3 weeks.

This is COMPLETELY true, I have no way of profiting from making this up. I hope theres at least a few who believe me.

Thanks for reading.

Adrian Padden, Glasgow, UK
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