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Guy By The Door

April 2004

My first story takes place in my room first let me describe my room : you come in and there is a little table on the left next to the door and you walk a little more and there on the right is my closet and well thats all thats important other than when you walk in there is my bed. Ok to the story.

First things first how I know it was a guy, I was in bed and I was facing the wall when all of a sudden I got the urge to turn around because I felt someone there so, as I turned around I saw a tall blonde long haired skinny guy standing there he looked like 20 something and his face was sucked in like he had been on drugs for a long time in other words he looked like a hippy. I only saw it for 10 seconds and I wasn't afraid but just shocked. He just stood there and that was that.

After that night I always had trouble falling asleep, little did I know that the next three nights I was going to get little sleep.

The first night I proceeded in going to bed and was about to turn the light off when I saw something on the right by the door. I didn't think much of it and turned the light off instead. So, I was laying down looking at the door and I see something walking back and fourth, slowly or regular pace, to the table and to the closet I was so scared after it went away maybe half an hour later I didn't fall asleep till 6am and had the weirdest dream that "the guy" was saying something to me that I could not understand at the beach.

The next day I did the same and made my cat come in my room to sleep so I turned off the light and saw the same thing and this time for some reason I was actually petrified (extremely scared) so I went to turn my light (which is the light on a fan so its high up) on but it went on by itself. By now I have the covers over my head. When I finally got up enough courage to turn off the light I did and was glad I didn't see the guy by the door. About 10 minutes later my light turned on by itself so I was really scared again. This went on till about 3 or 4 in the morning without seeing "the guy", needless to say I got sick of it and after an hour or so of seeing what to do I got my cat and went to my moms room to sleep ( my cat was acting rally vicious and hissing at the door when we left my room).

The next night the same thing happened but it was different because it didn't walk from the table to the closet, instead, from the corner by the door and to my bed. Once again I slept in my moms room the rest of the week. I would not go in my room even to get clothes. I made my mom do it.

For a while nothing happened till last night .....

I was on my Messenger talking to Danny and I was starting to look up to the computer, after typing something, to read what he wrote and looking into the screen I saw a lady from the neck down wearing a pastel pink dress that looked like it was wet, she was standing behind me on my right and she reached out to my hand and a couple of second after I was staring at her I felt a burn on my hand (like when you get burned by an iron) and I looked away because it really hurt and it was starting to get red and there was a pinky and a ring finger mark on my hand. I still have it but not as clearly.

If anyone knows what is going on please tell me.

Thanks for reading.

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