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Hair As A Warning

Dandellion Sommers, MI, USA
November 2000

Iknew the history of my house before I bought it, someone had been murdered. Big deal, right, paranormal stuff only happens in movies, right? Wrong.

I was only 17 and thought I was all cool because I had already moved out of my mom's place. I moved into a small house built sometime in the 50's. Some girl was murdered there by her boyfriend. I figured it was no big deal, people die everyday.

I was quite comfy in my little home for the first 6 weeks. Then one morning I woke up and my precious red locks were chopped off! I figured I had just done some creepy, sleep walking stuff, I was known to do things like sleep walk and talk, so I just dismissed it as some freak occurrence.

That day the realtor called to see how I was getting along, yaddah, yaddah. So I was a bit irritated, but later she asked how I was, she said I had a weird shake to my voice. I guess I did, I mean, wouldn't you if you woke up with your hair chopped off? I told her what had happened and she gasped. I asked what her problem was and she said that the dead girl that was found had all of her hair chopped off.

I passed it off as her trying to freak me out, but then I thought, why would she want to freak me out so much that I moved out, I mean, it was her job to sell it.

I researched on the web and found an article about what they had found that night in July of 1986. She did have her hair chopped off when police found her body. I tried to talk myself out of the fact that something was going down. I ended up leaving my house for the day to visit my mom. I didn't go back, left all my stuff there. I now live with mommy and daddy and have for the last 2 years. I don't ever plan on going back there ever again.

I know this is really weird and hard to believe, but please don't call me crazy, everyone does anyway. All I ask is that ONE of you people out there believe me.

Dandellion Sommers, MI, USA
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