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Half Way Under

Lilly, CA, USA
December 2003

When I was still living in Ventura California (where I was born), my mom got married to my step dad. Her and I moved into his house. We lived there for a few years. It was a two story, my room was downstairs and theirs was upstairs.

I had a huge room, with this window that almost took over an entire wall, it was so big. I was 4 at the time.

I started to hear things, voices coming from the other side of my door, which would be the living room. There were more than one, maybe ten voices. But one I remember quite vividly, a man's voice. The rest sounded like echoes. They were saying my name... over and over and over again. They didn't want me there, always telling me to get out. I remember being scared to death too scared to go to the bathroom, which was just to the right, outside of my door. I would run out and not look into the living room, then run into the bathroom and turn on the water so that I couldn't hear anything... then run back into my room and put the pillow over my head. This went on night after night. Then I started to see colors shining under my door.. red, yellow, and green... like flashes. I ended up putting a towel under my door so that I wouldn't see them, but the towel ended up moving every night. One night I had to go to the bathroom really badly, I tried to hold it... but it didn't work. I was so scared because I was hearing them chanting my name at that same time. So I ran out.. and stupid me.. I looked over.... and I saw them!!

There were about 6 or 7 people... transparent and kinda blue in color. They were half way through the floor... from the waist down they were underground.. but I could still see there entire bodies... it was like an alternate world that was 3 feet under ours. I ran back into my room and hid under the covers.

I had a terrible ear infection that was incredibly painful. I was laying in bed one night with a warm water towel against my ear. I dozed off, then woke up to this intense bright whiteish yellow light. It was outside my window... this HUGE diamond, just glowing. It must have been about 10 feet high and 5 feet accross. I stared at it for a while, then ran upstairs to my mom. After that night I never heard those voices outside my door, or saw the colors flashing under it again.

We moved shortly after, to Maryland. But I'll never forget that house and what I experienced there.

The only thing my mom remembers is that I was scared out of my mind of living in that house, and I always hated my room.

Lilly, CA, USA
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