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Hallway Hauntings

Terrie, MN, USA
August 2002

This is a true story of 6 experiences I had. I won't leave a word out. Mine may freak you out a little. It really really scared me. My name is Terrie! Now let's both read this.

It was a sunny day and I was outside picking some dandelions to put in my kitchen. I looked up to the house as I thought I heard my mom crying. I ran inside and heard the crying coming from upstairs. I knew it was a woman's cry. I got to the top of the stairs and it stopped. It just stopped. "Mom?" I said peeking into her room. Not a thing there. I started to sob and ran downstairs.

At the time I was 8 and I had just learned about ghosts. I was about to call 911 when a note was on the telephone. It was a note from my mother. It said: "Sorry dear, ran out of garbage bags - Be back soon!" I peeked out through the window and didn't see my mom's car, and why would she play a trick on me like that? I heard an eerie noise from upstairs, I gasped and looked up the stairs. The hall is the most lightest area of my house and when I looked upstairs I saw it was pitch black. It was 2:05 in the afternoon. I ran outside and waited on the bench in my garden for my mom.

I was 13 now and didn't really have any 'huge' encounters, but, I only heard noises and my bedroom door open when locked. It was April. I sat on my bed and read my magazine. About 30 minutes later. My door cracked open. "Uh, I just locked you." I said getting up and closing it AND locking it. (It only opens like 2 inches) I sat back on my bed. I heard the door open again, just a crack. Now, I was scared as this has never happened twice in one day and really close together in time. I looked out my window for a second and saw my mom's car was gone. The door shut quietly. Then, I sighed in relief. It then came flying open and hit the wall! I screamed and opened my window and jumped down into my pool. I swam as fast as I could to the ladder. I got to it and looked at my room window, the window was shut. I ran down the street hoping to catch my mom. I saw her car coming, what a relief! "Terrie! What the heck-- you're soaking wet!" my mother said jumping out of her car. She hugged me and I cried.

We went home and into the backyard. I looked up to my window and saw it open how I left it. My mom and I went inside, grabbed a few items that we loved and hopped into the car. I held my baby black cat in my arms and turned to look at my house. The window was shut. We went back to the house the following week.

I was still 13 for my next encounter.

It was about 8 months after the hallway ghost had haunted. It was December and no more jumping in pools my mom said. I was doing my homework when my black cat "Russie" ran into my room. "Rus, what's up?" I said petting his head. He hissed at the door and I gasped. I turned and saw it open. I shut it and put my desk against it. There were a few tappings at the door. I finished and turned around to sit on my bed. I fell backwards thinking I was going to fall on my bed. I didn't! (My bed is in the middle of my room) It was up against my wall. I turned and my desk had moved and the door was wide open. I would have heard, I just fell asleep on my couch that night.

I was 16 at the time. It was May and I was in the bathroom. I washed my hands and went downstairs to catch the end of a movie. The power went out, great........... I opened the door to go upstairs and saw every single light on. The only way you can shut off the main light downstairs is if you go down there and turn it off. I was scared and went up into my room. Russie and I fell asleep early. I awoke 2 hours later to see my door opened. I saw a white figure and gasped. I knew it was there but I ran out the main door of my room. I ran outside, got in my car, and drove to my boyfriend's house. I slept over that night.

The following month I was real sad to hear my mom was in a car crash. She was alive but would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She was able to come home for a month or two.

She has a noisy wheelchair. It squeaks and and makes a weird noise. I heard her wheelchair and looked out my door. Nothing. "Mom? You there?" I said walking out into the hallway. Suddenly I felt a chilly breeze and went back to my room. My door slammed open and I gasped. Something or Someone put their hands on my neck and choked me. I screamed and it stopped. I looked in the mirror and saw red hand marks on my neck. I didn't leave that night, I just went into the basement to sleep.

I was 19 at the time and received a call saying my mother had died from a heart attack and I had to sell the house. Almost 5 times a day now my door opens. I got a great deal on the house. I packed everything away into the van and went upstairs and everywhere to see if I had forgotten anything and that it looked nice for the new owners. I went upstairs and on my wall which was in a marker: "FAREWELL TERRIE", I gasped and took the marker on the floor. I then said "Farewell Hallway ghost!" I ran outside and into my car.

I now live in a nice house. No ghosts. I have a chilly feeling in hallways though.

Well, in my other story I told you I sold the house, right? Well, guess what... I bought it again! The people who bought it said it was haunted and they didn't want it so I bought it again. Anyways, Russie is doing fine still.

They didn't even unpack everything yet! I went to my 'new' old home and went up into my old room. I unpacked everything and put my bed up against the wall this time. Took out my desk, chair, and inflatable couch. The wall was fine... still light baby blue and it made you feel all nice. I made my room look like it did before and snuggled into my bed and went to sleep.

I awoke later to see Russie at the end of my bed sleeping away. "Rus? Do you think the ghosts want me back?" I said scratching his ear. He meowed and went back to sleep. I turned the other way and saw on the wall in the same marker ink... "WELCOME BACK TERRIE," I chuckled and said, "Are you trying to scare me again?" I felt a cool breeze sweep into my room. Russie hissed at me and went scrambling out of my room. "Please me leave me alone Hallway Haunter!" I said with my fist up. I heard an eerie noise from behind me and saw a white figure sitting next to me. I screamed as it came closer. "Shut-up and leave me alone!" I threw one of my books at it and it disappeared.

"I swear!" I said standing up. "You've haunted me all my life!" I turned my Michelle Branch CD full blast and opened my windows. "I wanted to be like you I wanted everything So I tried to be like you..." I heard the music play. Suddenly it started over and then went, "I wanted, I wanted, I wanted, I wanted..." I shut it off and started to pant. "L-l-leave me a-alone." I said. My CD turned on again and scrolled too no.3 and went to the end of the song "Where you go when your gone, Where you go when your gone, Where you go when your gone, Where you go when your gone, Where you go when your gone, Where you go when your gone..." I was so frightened that I ran downstairs and shut my basement door. Two words "Pitch black." I couldn't go upstairs or do anything so I fell on the ground and plugged my ears. Next thing I knew was I was still there and saw a few scrapes here and a few cuts there, but I was fine. Yesterday, I got another good deal on the house and will be leaving it again! n... never to return. Hopefully, there will be no more Hallway Hauntings for me.

Thanks! ~Terrie

Terrie, MN, USA
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