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Hand Prints (1)

Wisconsin, USA
April 2000

On August 8, 1999 my parents celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary by going out to eat at a local eating place. I had to stay home by myself and I was bored (this was about 8:00 at night) so I decided to go upstairs to listen to my CD player and do my homework. I walked into my room and tried to turn my light on but it didn't work. I was thinking to myself that the electricity probably went out when I felt two COLD hands grab my waist and throw me about 10 feet into my room. The door slammed shut and I saw this weird shaped "thing" walk towards started to talk to me in this weird language that I couldn't understand! I screamed as loud as I could but it kept talking.

After about 3 minutes (which felt like a lifetime!) I noticed that my door was now open so I ran as fast as I could out the door (slamming the door behind me) and ran down the hall..down the stairs ...down the hall downstairs and into my parents room..I jumped into the bed and pulled the covers over my head. About 5 minutes later I heard my bedroom door slam shut and I heard footsteps run down the hallway and down the stairs..I heard running down the hallway. Just as this happened I noticed the door to my parents room was still open so I jumped out of bed and slammed the door, locked it, ran back and jumped back into bed, only this time I put a pillow over my head and I just lay there.

At 9:30 (night time still) my parents came home and my mom came into the room and shook me- I screamed REALLY loud because I didn't know it was her! At that time I was freaking out because I remember locking the door and the door can only be unlocked from the inside!!! I asked my mom how she got in the room and she told me that the door was open when she came in!!!!!! My family never found any evidence of a break-in nor did the police but for a week after the incident took place I had these two strange hand prints indented into my sides (tests by the Emergency Room showed they were caused by something grabbing my side with TREMENDOUS power! I guess because my terror took over my other feelings when this happened I never thought of the pain!! The weirdest thing about this is I always feel that I'm being watched in some way, shape, or form! it's very creepy!!

Wisconsin, USA
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