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Hands in the Night

Carrie, Pennsylvania, USA
July 1998

These are some experiences that I have had in my house to prove that it is haunted......

First, I should explain that my house is built on an old abandoned mine. This may sound like a lie but it is the TRUTH! I will now tell you a few accounts of what has happened.

The first experience that really freaked me out happened one night, around midnight,in my dark bedroom. I was awakened by the pain of someone's/something's overpowering grasp on my ankle. I looked under my sheets to see what had such a strong hold on my leg. As I looked under my sheets I saw a big, strong, dark hand! The hand which had grasped onto my leg was extremely cold and somewhat clammy. It looked as though it was reaching up from the bed and was trying to pull me down with it! I quickly kicked at it and it seem to go back down into the bed from which it came.

A few nights later...
My mother was asleep in her bed when she felt a hand touch her leg. She awoke and screamed (the most blood-curlding, hair-raising scream that I have ever heard in my life) as she looked in to the dark coal stained face of a man with pearly white teeth. As she screamed he smiled down at her and slowly faded into the vast darkness of the night.

These are some truly scary experiences that have gone on in my house but there are many more to tell. I will have more later.

Carrie, Pennsylvania, USA
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