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Hanging Man

Erik Crate, Ontario, Canada
November 2010

I was doing renovations to a house in Winnipeg Manitoba, of course it had to be in the basement. I sent the other workers out to get lunch and stayed back to keep working.

I was hanging fire guard to the ceiling when I saw something move out the corner of my eye. I went around the basement, which had 4 rooms that were accesible by a hallway and didnt see anything. I went back to work but not 2 minutes later I seen somthing move again, so again I took a look.

When I was about to check the last room I heard a loud bang come from it, it scared the crap outta me! I walked to the doorway of the last room and there was a man, with big side burns hanging from the rafters with a noose around his neck! I then turned and ran upstairs to the door and outside.

When the other guys got back and saw me pacing outside, they asked what was wrong. I explained everything to them and they laughed at me. It wasn't until we tried the door that I came out of to find that it was closed and locked. I never closed the door and definitely couldn't lock it considering I didnt have the keys as they were in my truck which the workers took to get lunch!

To this day I still cant explain it, and everyone I tell just laughs at me, but I swear to you....that was not right and I saw it, plain as day. If I would have had the nerve I would have touched it to see if it was real. But I know, I didnt have to touch it, it was right there, you could see that the mans lips were blue and the blood vessels in his eyes.

Erik Crate, Ontario, Canada
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