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Hanging Over My Bed

Kina Turner, Essex, UK
July 2006

It was a normal sunday morning like any other. I woke up and did the usual jump in the bath, wash and dry my hair, put my make-up on, get dressed. I spent the rest of the day out with friends, laughing and joking at our local town park was where we usually were and exactly what we were usually doing.

That night I got in at 10:30, and sat down to watch TV as usual, but something about tonight was different. There was an eerie feeling about the place. I was watching 'Most Haunted' so I don't suppose that would've helped much, but I couldn't help but keep looking over my shoulder, feeling as if something or someone was watching me. I shrugged it off and carried on as usual, at midnight I was exhausted, so I went off to bed.

Laying in bed that night I just couldn't drift off to sleep. I kept tossing and turning, trying to dream but couldn't. I sat up and started to read my book. Yet another ghost story. The creaking of the stairs was unusually loud tonight, I could usually hear the stairs creaking because my bedroom was at the top of them, the first door. I wasn't fazed but it did sound as if somebody was making their way up, ever so slowly, softly treading on every step, the sound was making its way up from the first to the very last of the steps in that order. I found this unusual as normally the steps creak in any old order. Yet again I dismissed it. I finally drifted off to sleep, but suddenly woke with the feeling that someone was watching me. I bent over the side of my cabin bed to see if any one was there, and to my surprise there was a little boy staring up at me. At first I thought it was my little 6yr old brother because it was about the same size and shape, but as I looked closer I could see that it wasn't. Unable to scream I just rolled back over in bed and kept quiet.
After about 1 minute I looked over again, but there was nobody there.....

The next morning I ran down to my mum and told her what had happened, she was adamant that I must have been dreaming, but I know I wasn't, it was all far too real. Although my mum tried to reassure me, I still wouldn't sleep without the lamp on for about 2 weeks.

2 months passed and during this time my aunt and her 18month old daughter moved in with us. I was sitting in the living room and my aunt was on the computer, we could both clearly see the kitchen side and the microwave with the mirror on top of it. We both heard a scraping sound and must have looked at the same time, because we both saw the mirror on top of the microwave levitate in mid air and suddenly smash onto the floor as if some one had held it in the air and thrown it. It had smashed into a million pieces.

After that episode my mum sat me down and thought it was time that I knew the truth about our house.

Apparently the people that lived here before us had a son, and that son had leukemia, and had died in the house in his bedroom, that just happened to be mine! He seemed to take a liking to me, I don't know whether it's because I have 'his' bedroom or because I have always been a firm believer in spirits and the paranormal, but whatever it is he doesn't seem to bother any one else, as no one in my family has seen him apart from me.

Since then the occasional things have been happening, lights turning themselves on, our fish tank turning itself off in the middle of the night, my bed covers being pulled off of me. I like to think its just our little boy letting us know that he's still around. He still stands over my bed sometimes, but I'm not scared any more, because I know he's just a sweet little boy that has lost his way.
I hope he finds it soon.

Kina Turner, Essex, UK
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