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Happenings of an Old House

Stephen, Tennessee, USA
October 2004

The house I live in with my wife and son is old. Part of it was built in 1908 and part of it in 1948, but until recently nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Just recently the lights in the kitchen has started turning itself on and off and unexplainable noises have been heard. In the livingroom where our computer is we have a brand new desk lamp by our computer, and just a couple of nights ago it has started turning itself off and back on.

Tonight I am here only with our house dog, and the desk lamp turned itself off and then back on again several times, about the third time it turned itself off just at the second it went out I saw a pale streak of light shoot toward the lamp and after it went off I could see a dark shadow of a person standing in front of our computer, but only for a short moment. That shadow disappeared and the lamp came back on.After that, I sat down here at the computer to get on the Internet to look for information on ghosts and for some unknown reason came directly to this site. I'd never even heard of this site before.

Once on the Internet, and looking into this site, the kitchen light started to flash briefly on and off. When this first started happening I told my wife it was probably some bad wiring. The wiring has been checked and nothing has been found to even come close to causing this problem with the lights!!

All I can say at this point is judge for yourself...Is it ghosts or is it not?

You tell me!!

Stephen, Tennessee, USA
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