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Oklahoma, USA
January 1998

Well, this isn't real scary, just kinda freaky....

I have always had a 6th sense about these things and it's never really bothered me. But a few years ago, I lived in a haunted apartment. After living there a while, I got used to "HARVEY" and his games. He never hurt anyone. All my friends knew about him, and it never bothered them. Except Susie. She just refused to believe in ghosts. One day we got the camera out and took a bunch of pictures of myself, Susie and a few other friends. When the pics came back, we were in shock. Every picture was fine except for those of Susie. In every picture of her, her face was half human/half skeletal. No one else in the pictures was affected in any way. I haven't seen Susie since that day. She was so freaked out, she wouldn't come back over. "HARVEY" moved with me when I left that place, and is still up to his old tricks. But that's another story!

Oklahoma, USA
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