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Julie Adams, Missouri, USA
July 2011

I am 21 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have had paranormal experiences. It doesn’t seem to matter where I live, or how old or new the house is. This true story is one of the more memorable, scarier experiences I have had’here goes:

In August 2010, my family and I made a trip to Southwestern Virginia to visit our extended family. For the most part I stayed with my maternal grandmother and grandfather, and they live within spitting distance of my two uncles. My one uncle, Jeff, has insisted that his trailer is haunted since he moved into it back in 2004. I brushed it off, mainly because my mother’s side of the family is highly superstitious and imaginative. However, this time I had to rethink my opinion in a big way.

I entered the trailer one afternoon a day or two into our visit to talk to Jeff’s girlfriend and see their toddler son. As we sat in the living room I began hearing a thumping sound coming from the direction of their bedroom. I had had a few small experiences in the trailer, and was beginning to believe that there may be something to Jeff’s beliefs, but still was uncertain. Still, the thumping persisted, so I asked Stephanie (his girlfriend) if she heard what I did. She confirmed that she heard thumping, we both agreed it was weird and kept talking.

At one point, I needed to use the restroom, but I was also aware that the master bathroom directly off of their bedroom was supposedly the most active spot. Any attempts to videotape in the bedroom or bathroom resulted in the video camera being thrown, shut off or the battery being drained by an unseen force. So I requested, I am embarrassed to admit, that she come in and stay out in the bedroom while I ran in and used the facilities; once in there, I sat down on the toilet, intent on just doing my business and getting out while the gettin’ was good, when suddenly, it felt like a hand was holding onto my ponytail. It began to squeeze tightly, and I felt like someone was pressing into my back, almost simultaneously, I began to hear heavy breathing and a low growl. At that point, I’d had enough, threw my pants back up and ran into the bedroom.

Stephanie could tell something had happened, so I explained what had occurred. At that moment, I heard a noise in the bathroom, like something falling, and Stephanie, now scared, asked that I go back in with her while she checked it out. I reluctantly agreed, and we entered the bathroom. I watched as she picked up a couple of bottles of shampoo that had inexplicably fallen from the shelf above the sink, and that’s when the mirror caught my eye. As I looked into it, it had the effect of a funhouse mirror. It distorted and stretched. Thinking that this was either a) my imagination or b) a warped mirror. I commented on it, asking what was wrong with the mirror. She stopped mid-step and just stared at me, then at the mirror, and then looked back at me. I repeated the question and said that it looked like a funhouse mirror, like my eyes were too big and everything was either too small, too big or misshapen. She finally asked me if I’d been talking to my uncle. When I told her I hadn’t, she stepped beside me and looked into the mirror at the same time as me. She proceeded to tell me that every time Jeff looked into that mirror, he described the exact same thing as I just had. The only thing is no one else, including Stephanie, can see that. When I discovered this, I confirmed it with my uncle, and did everything in my power to avoid the bathroom.

Since then, family and family friends have indicated that when they look at the frosted window that’s in the bathroom from the outside of the trailer they can see a non-human face looking out at them. If it discovers you can see it or are looking at it, it turns its head. They have covered the window with sheets and towels, and the entity can no longer be seen from the window. They continually report ghostly visitations, and maintain that the spirit or spirits in the home are not human and possibly malevolent.

Julie Adams, Missouri, USA
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